MY SILVER?!?!? Where? (No ranked, no fun)


So you know, I never expected too much of the game when I got in it. Excluding all the bugs (speed runs, monster bugging in place unable to move, hunter not being able to move away from the respawn) and the mostly bot-like-teammates that I just wished posessed some AI, I was still having a prettty decent time solo qing. I love the hunters, the mechanics of the game (with the harpoons, slows and traps n all) So after a week of horrible bronze games, I managed to crawl up to silver and finally feel like I’ve done something this summer. Now it’s gone. And the mode is replaced by some completely non-competitive crap, which doesn’t make me feel like it’s worth playing it, or I see no point in it.
I love this game guys, but if you’re going to remove whatever small competitive section, with no progression, I’m already bored on the second day of patch. Make the stats after the round visible for the entire team (including the monster), assign an MVP after each game (a certain amount of MVPS should at least swaggy badges), and please stop dumbing down the game!
I feel like I’ve wasted 2 previous weeks trying hard in ranked and now I just feel cheated. We need some kind of rewards to make this game worth playing and right now there’s nothing really like that…
As of now, i’m taking a break, I really do hope things get re-implemented ASAP, so i can enjoy the game again.


Hunt Beta is ranked. Just hidden.


Overwatch has no ranked either, but they have seasons for ranked play. Wonder if we get the same stuff.


So the stats actually keep recording and will be updated once the beta’s done? That does make me feel a little better. Any ETA on this happening?


Ofcourse ranked is not gone forever but did you know that only 1% of games were ranked?
It could be important to few people but in big picture It was not.
And yeah current hunt is ranked,nothing was changed except elo hide.
Maybe now more people try ranked and when proper ranked get released there will be many players in ranked=shorter wait time.
Me on gold destroyer It was 30-60minute wait for one match.


So now I’m queing into people who are playing their 2nd game. That’s fun.


Rude words but this sentence describes my feeling really well.

Yesterday the game wanted me to play against MonkeyBot with some scrubs (approx. under level 10), some of them even hadnt a badge :frowning:


Best course of action right now seems playing monster for a few rounds and then switch to hunter. I think those still use the same rank rating. Can someone confirm?


Possibly the skill rating got reset. In that case, the better you play and the more games you win, the higher your skill rating will go and you will be matched against better opponents/with better players.

Give it some time. This is a Beta after all and if anything is out of the ordinary, with the weekly updates those issues won’t last too long. I’m sure Ranked will be back one day, use the time to get better for when it does come back.

And remember this old saying: “He that can have patience can have what he will.” - Benjamin Franklin


No, the ranked system is divided with Hunters having their own seperate skill recording than Monsters. So that old trick dont work no more


Ah bummer… Or rather good in a way.


I think it is very good. That way you dont have long time players wanting to try the other team, only to get smeared by superior skilled players.


Yeah it has pro and cons.


Whats the con? Now people cant just pub stomp with Monster anymore? Personally I think this is a brilliant step in the right direction. More people are going to be properly ranked, more people are going to get the roles they want, and hopefully this should push Hunter players to talk with other Hunters in the lobbies and make standing friendships with which they party up often.

I cant really think of any reasonable cons.


If you are skilled on one side, it is arguable that you also are decent on the other side.

If starcraft would give you separate ranks for all three races, that would not make sense. For example…
Fighting games don’t give you separate ranks either and you have to play a new char on your current level.

I don’t see pubstomping in any relevance to this, if anything the other way around. You are a really good hunter but decide to play monster. So first you have to easily stomp several pubs for you to be in a somewhat challenging area.

I like having different ratings because hunter is heavily influenced by other people while monster only reflects my ability. Thats the only con i see and it outweighs all else.


The difference is that in Starcraft and any fighting game all of the races/factions/characters use the same fundamental ideas and play similarly. However, in Evolve the gameplay between Monster and Hunter is so terrifyingly different that they may as well be two different games.

While this may be true for some people, it is most deffinitly not for everyone. There is a substantial portion of the player base that primarily plays only one team, and having little to no practice as the other. Im sure everyone has been in plenty of pre-patch 2.08 games where everyone wants to be Hunter, then the random guy who gets it is completely trounced from beginning to end of the game.


People should play the other side more, then 90% of imbalance topics would not exist.


So much yes in that post right there.


Thanks for all the replies.
I’d like to add a couple more points.

  • The ranked being set at lvl20 before seemed like a big big joke. Anyone playing casually for a week (one rotation) couldn’t have played more than 6-7 different hunters/monsters and by the time they hit lvl20 sooo many people that very trying out champs didn’t think twice about doing it in ranked. In most games, casual is where you chill and ranked is where you’re supposed to try hard, but with it being set at lvl20 and everyone queing it just felt like an average bad pub game everytime.

  • That being said, with the x10 xp weekend everybody got to their lvl40+ VERY quickly. I actually think the x10 xp was a mistake. It made me feel like I actually cheated the game, while the keys were ofc most welcome. With the added levels that feels better now. But with the new ranked coming out I’d like to see the bar being raised up to at least 40? Already being able to play ranked at 2/5ths (20/50) of progress seems way too noob friendly for anyone having a desire for good games. 8/15 (placing the bar at 40/70) seems well balanced for me, and still friendly. Obviously the game wasn’t big on ranked up until now, but with all of the new players you have to give this some more consideration, especially if you want an active number of people playing it. Cuz if it feels like pub… Just meh.

  • A bad example but most will be able to sympathize: League bronze was really hard to climb out of for the first time, but this actually felt worse. After winning 4 and losing 1 i’m on the same bar length? And I’m not sure that’s right. Sadly one hunter has no way to reach the power of a fed mid, and you’re always reliant on your teammates to at least know their skills. If you perfect play any hunter while one dude’s fucking up, you still can’t win. Losses actually hurt the progress more too. I haven’t played a game (and I’ve played a LOT) with a system this punishing. Any mends?

  • Lastly. I’ll just emphasize; it’s not my point that anyone who’s a little worse should be prohibited from playing ranked. But I’m saying these are two different approaches to the game and should be respected and treated appropriately. If you’re ever dreaming about tournaments with more teams, esl and the like, you have to PUSH THE BAR UP and increase the quality of ranked games with better matchmaking and progression system. This game is relatively simple, people who’ve played fps shouldn’t need more than a couple days to get well acquainted and a week or two to master. Just please, let me get decent games against good monsters not freezing in place, non spazzy teammates, and a nice ranking system (with some special rewards - even if just swaggy badges) and I’ll stick to this game forever. I’m sure many people from competitive backgrounds will feel at least similiar.