My Silly and Random Evolve Creations


So yeah, I have so many random Evolve stuff stored in my PC so I’m just gonna dump it on this thread xD

This is the product of boredom.


Some…umm…someone like googley eyes. Lol

Also, that Hyde pic is the new deal with it pic…


I should get back to making content as well, it be fun but writers block is a bitch.


The kraken one makes me laugh the most. :smile:

Casually stealing the birthday ones now. :slight_smile:


Every single one is so much fun. 10/10 - all masterpieces. Hang it in a museum!


I can not stop staring at Kraken.


Bob is by far my favorite.


Googly eyed Goliath is best Goliath. They should make that into a skin. Just big honking googly eyes on the monster.


Oh! That’s what happened yesterday? Okay


Googly eyes make everything better