My season pass has dissapered


I was excited to try out the new hunters so when go to play one of them it tells me to buy them from the store so I go check the store and it say’s I don’t have the season pass (so I have to buy it again)

please help me

(but I still have my magma skins)


No help on the forums for account issues. You have to submit a ticket.


a what?

10 chars


Like a ticket for a line in customer support


Tbh @DamJess has addressed this



The specifics of these types of issues are not something you will get supported with on this forum. 2K Support can go into more detail on this for you.

Click the following link to get started:


The OP is making a bug report and many players are experiencing the same thing. He has every justification to post this here.



Although you are technically correct, the OP pertains to the widely-known bug currently affecting a large number of players, addressed by DamJess today.

Could the OP have searched for a pre-existing thread? Perhaps.

Does the OP have legitimate reason to post this as a bug report? Definitely.


You are incorrect.


Thank you for sharing your poignant and multifacet wisdom with us today.



Dang, these forums can get toxic pretty fast.

“Why can’t weeeeee be friends”


I told the guy to submit a ticket then the hate police knocked down my door. I don’t know what his issue is, I gave the OP the best course of action to resolve the issue the fastest.


I only desire, here, to aid others in obtaining information about the issues preventing many users who own the season pass from using the DLC today.

We’ve all been there, where we wanna see if anyone else has the issue or if it’s just us. :joy:


So much anger. It can’t be healthy.


Let’s just tone it down before the mods get in here, haha. :smiley:


Interesting, your original reply lacked any tone of support or help toward the OP and you appeared to be ignorant of the existance of a known issue affecting many users here in the bug report forum.

Your reply also appeared to inform the OP that he should not have posted, which you do not have the auhority to proclaim to another member.


The post by the OP shall stand. It is a problem that needs addressing. However, this is a 2K issue most likely, so a support ticket will need to be issued to them.
No reason for hostility in this thread.


Thank you :sweat_smile:

My only intention was to inform of a known bug that cropped up today and defend the OP against insinuations that he should not have reached out to other users for knowledge.


[quote=“SledgePainter, post:18, topic:49670, full:true”]The post by the OP shall stand. It is a problem that needs addressing. However, this is a 2K issue most likely, so a support ticket will need to be issued to them.

This is all I told the OP to do. Thanks Sledge.


I’ll be honest, I’m really sick of how this DLC stuff even works. it feels almost like you pay for it, but the reality is the ownership belongs to a third party…and there are always problems dealing with it. This isn’t the only report on this issue and there’s a few problems people are having like it. Seems to me there always will be problems anytime DLC is involved. Not much we can do sadly but pester 2K. In my experience they respond quickly at least and have been helpful for me when my own DLC had issues.