My Review of the Reviews of Evolve


Regardless of what others think, I like Evolve very much. Here is my review of the reviews of Evolve.

Most of the critics are based on the following:

1) Poor Balance

Are they kidding? They haven’t been seeing what TRS has been testing on a weekly or monthly basis with all those statistical results and tweaking.

2) Poor Content and Low Replayability

Did they just miss the 243 hunter + monster variety combination alongside the 6 game modes, dozen or so map effects, 12 maps, future free maps, and up to 1280 hunter + monster combinations with the release of future monsters and hunters? And future game modes?

3) DLC and Pricing Controversy

I agree that Evolve is slightly high-priced as a base game. As for DLCs, sure, it is on the high price region, but many non-F2P games like Borderlands 2 have been charging around the same price. That said, I still feel that skin DLCs have no impact on gameplay and besides it is free, and no one is forcing anyone to buy them. They are quite pricey though.

4) TRS does not care

Fortunately, TRS does care. Don’t let a poor release caused by marketing miscommunications by 2K ruin TRS’s image.

5) Game involves too much chasing and is overly-complicating for players

That’s the whole point of the game: to force people to Evolve new tactics to cut down the chasing time and explore new tactics and strategies to simplify things. How can these reviewers judge just by having played for less than a week?



(yes, this is my score for the reviews of Evolve, and not Evolve itself)


I love you for making this post. I would give this a 10/10. Bravo.