My review of Evolve


A very short review. One I just whipped up on Steam to try mitigate the onslaught of trolls.

Dear average consumer,
Please do not be lured into the treacherous snares of the online trolls. Many people are screaming DAY 1 DLC!!! This is not the case. Everything that can currently be bought for the game is 100% purely cosmetic. Yup, all of it. Day 1 DLC? Doesn’t exist…

Side note: Only take the reviews of those who actually own the game into consideration. All those “Pre-Release” guys haven’t played the actual game and have put 10 minutes into the unfinished copy yet can still wright legitimate reviews. Very silly indeed.

On to the game, Evolve is a great game, simply put. It ticks all the average gamers boxes.

  1. Enjoyable with friends? Yes
  2. Day 1 DLC? Nope
  3. Lots of content? Is 12 hunters 4 gamemodes and several maps not enough people! Plus upcoming maps are free! What’s not to love?
  4. Plus this game is no more expensive than any other current mainstream “next-gen” title.

The gameplay is smooth and runs like pure silk on my PC. There are minor bugs, but to be fair the game was released only a week ago and they are giving us a large patch fairly soon. Evolve is far better than the buggy messes companies seem to be getting away with lately. The game is fast paced and well designed. If your team is organised the game is extremely fun and playing as the monster is an experience like no other. Yet if the monster is sneaky (cough cough Wraith) then the game can turn into a sort of “running simulator” if you will. But the fresh idea and the beautiful game that is Evolve more than makes up for this small problem. The game is definitely worth a buy!