My review and suggestions


Posted on Steam, just thought I would share my thoughts on the game and my feedback/suggestions.

Always wanted to play the original but never bought it and then seen all the negative reviews because of DLC and small player base. Finally, get to try it.

I’ve played about 15 hours now and I think the game is very fun and good. A lot of people complain about various things and the game is now a bit buggy, but not too bad (patch TUO9/ 2.001). I like playing as the monster as I find it very challenging. My best class is probably trapper though (only tried Abe but playing with the shotgun and those things seems to be a really nice flow for me).

I’ve also read a decent amount and watched SkilledApple on Youtube play as the monster (he’s very good). The game takes a bit to really understand it and how to play, unless your a hunter then you just do what your class is suppose to do; which can be hard depending on your character and class.

My suggestions/opinion: World scanner and other class abilities should have a longer cooldown. Trying to deal with a team that uses armor boosts and healing bursts effectively and stays far enough apart and on rocks and such makes it very hard to deal enough damage. I can do really good damage, even with the hunters using their armor boosts, and then the medic can come in and heal - do more damage, medic heal bursts, and in a bit the rest have armor boosts again and repeats. Very frustrating. Yea you can hard focus on the medic and that is what you want to do mainly (the medic and support are mainly gonna be your top two targets, but stuff happens as well).

Then trying to get away as the monster can also be hard and you can barely put any ground between you and the hunters, especially if you get hit with a tracking dart or other such thing. Even with perks to boost movement and feeding speed I sometimes have trouble, and i’m not that bad. Some monsters are easier than others. I got the Gorgon now and can escape a lot easier. The kraken and wraith also seem pretty fast.

Another suggestion as the monster would be the ability to hide a little bit. For example if the hunters are far away and you want to watch them to see where they go, it shouldn’t be an automatic thing of them spotting you if your in sneak and not moving. Maybe you should even be able to hide with them closer up if your in sneak and haven’t moved for a set amount of time. That wouldn’t be a huge advantage to the monster because the round timer is working against you, so it would be a risk/reward calculation you could make as the monster.

The next issue I have is the grind. I’ve been playing for a decent amount and have only unlocked the gorgon and a few perks and don’t have much silver keys atm. I’ve yet to even buy a level 3 hunter perk and my character level is 15 or 16. Thats with completing the periodic/daily challenges. 2x the amount of silver keys would not even be that much. As of now I’ve unlocked 1 hunter, 2 monsters, 1 monster skin, 26/186 perks…logging in daily will get you rewards and stuff but at this rate it’ll take like 150 hours or more to get a half decent loadout/characters.

With all that said, I think the game is very fun and pretty well balanced. The monsters are especially well done and very cool! Seems like it will get old after a while though and could use some different modes and things.