My rank reset to level 1?

I tried to get into a game with a buddy this evening and we kept getting “connection to host failed,” assuming it was a bug, I restarted the game and when it loaded it ran the tutorials.

When I got thru, I went into matchmaking and it showed my custom icon, but showed me as level one, my progress had reset. I had just unlocked wraith and now, cannot access it.

Is there any way to restore my progress back to level 9 and get access to my unlocked perks and characters???

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Unfortunately no, You can contact 2K support, and they can unlock whatever hunters/monsters you had unlocked. I had mine reset from 25, and lost my Markov Mastery, but oh well.

Hopefully the upcoming patch fixes everything

Well then… that’s… discouraging


Yes. That’s why some people are sticking to solo until it’s fixed. Some people however have just put the game down entirely


I’m one of those people, unfortunately. I do miss playing it and I was only level 18 or so, but it’s just…lost progress is such a huge turn off. I’ve put down a couple RPG’s for months at a time when a save file got corrupted or screwed up somehow…

This just stings harder because of certain issues, like them knowing about it during the Alpha/Beta, 2k’s terrible support team, TRS’ relative silence on a more concise, official announcement, etc. I really hope for a update by Sunday, but Tuesday(2 week anniversary) is my deadline, before I return it for something else.

After my frustration last night, I think I’ll be submitting a ticket and then finding another game to play. Not much of an incentive to put hours into a game to maybe/maybe not be able to keep your progress.

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Whoa whoa whoa. Submit a ticket for sure but a patch should be coming out soon for the progression lost. Within the week is the word on the streets lol.

Even in the mean time when you submit a ticket you can get all of the characters unlocked which is a start until the patch comes out.

I’m doing the same. I’ve done the 2kgames ticket and have not heard back for a week now. A developer was mentioning a patch to restore progression but I’ve not seen an ETA, unless you want to include ASAP as a time reference. The more I see people losing their game progression the more their losing in my eyes…

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I may be wrong but what i read is the patch will stop progression loss not give back pre-patch progression so be careful :wink:

The latter would be me. I can’t deal with that.

I feel sorry for those who have had this issue, can’t be a worse issue to encounter than to lose all you in-game progression.

However, I do have a question. Is this issue isolated to a specific platform? As I’ve not heard anything of the kind in my PS4 FB group.

Pc and xbox one is all i have heard.

Nope it affects all systems alike Xbox PlayStation and Pc

Just playing offline on steam until it gets fixed

I’m on XB1 :confused:

No your fucked piece of shit game did it to me twice once at 12 the other at 17

Yea I was level 30 and almost had Hyde maxed and got reset and lost everything. This also happened to my friend like a week ago. You’d think they’d fix it sooner than this

Go here to see updates. Scroll down and you’ll see more info!