My Quick Idea For A New Perk


Really quickly- I’m on console, I don’t know exactly how the new perk system works, but I couldn’t resist.

You can eat carnivorous plants. Maybe the higher the level, the faster you eat them, cause you know, plants are chewy. Give ‘n’ take is that there’s more food, but you’re removing the plant threat for hunters. I’m pretty sure if the perks are three bonuses for one perk, this would work better.


Maybe they can give you HP, like they did in Evac. So, the higher that perk, the faster you eat or you gain more HP


Yeah, lets not break Hunt mode.


I’m ‘meh’ for it.

I mean againt good Hunter teams plants are useless, but againt bad teams they can literally kill a Hunter.

I guess there is no reason to not have it, but I wouldn’t use it :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think 1 bar of HP in total is game breaking. Tyrants gave you 2 bars


Lets NOT have the playerbase dip back down to 200 players.


To be fair, most people hated the Tyrant buff with passion, and there are also a lot more plants than there are tyrants.

Just to be able to eat could tho, but I would think it’s a bit lackluster, unless it perhaps was just a tier 1 perk, because those are usually so weak you would rather go for utility.