My questions on the map, The Dam, for Monster


So. I was watching another person’s video right now and I saw him leading tracks in one direction and then going to the opposite side of the map.

Maybe the Monsters got unlucky… but any monster unless they were leaping their way to the right side or down the river… was never able to make it out of sight in time. When descending from the drop ship, I always saw the Monster moving in time before he was able to make it into cover.

(IE. Unless monster is rushing to get hidden on the right side, he can’t make it in time to not be seen from the dropship.)


I always made it look like i leaped towards the straight river area and climbed up. they proly failed to notice and just went straight anyway but sneaking to the left always felt better. straight worked too but the right side had too much stuff to climb to get away.


An important thing about the Dam is how open the middle is. The hunters can see extremely far down the river the moment the dropship’s hatch doors open. I’ve seen monster trying to create a false trail by going left and then sneaking right over the little bridge and staying near the river. I was able to see him as soon as the doors opened.


As a hunter I started after tracts but if they ended abruptly, I usually turned tail and went the opposite direction. I think any monster can get away in enough time even by sneaking if they don’t stop to eat prior to the dropship landing on that map.


It might have just been the Monsters I ran into. I never saw one make it down the river or to the right side without me spotting and tranqing/pinging them as I fell from the drop-ship. I feel like some fog or maybe some really high dead leaved trees would be obscuring the view of the Hunters as they fall, to give the Monster some more leeway on the map.


thats the trade off with trying to have zero tracks at the start. you dont get very far haha. if i didnt do the diversion tracks i found it better to book it and THEN do the diversion trick once you hit a decent crossroad. most assume you arent trying to be sneaky since you left tracks for so long.


It depends on the on the length you make the fake tracks.If you leave a short track trail you will have more time to get to the right side without beeing spotted, but if you leave a longer track trail, it then takes more time to get to the right side. I have done this many times as the monster without being spotted. I haven’t tried going down the river though.


On Dam I did the same thing each time, dropped down, ran just a couple footprints over the river to the right side of map, then snuck back into the water, using traversals to speed down the river and hide before the drop ship, unless I had bad luck with carrion birds I usually had the left side to myself, I am curious to see if this strategy will still work in beta, or if people will be able to see me looking down the river now that they know :slight_smile: