My PS4 keeps ejecting my disks! Help me :(

Every time I insert a disk it just keeps spitting it out, even when there isn’t a disk inside the console it makes the ejecting noise. I’ve tried all the safety restarts etc. the last thing I can think of doing is doing a software update which i’m currently doing but I just don’t think it will work :confused:

If anyone has some helpful advice please share! I haven’t even been able to play the new Evolve updates :cry:

This has happened to me twice and both scenarios have been resolved within a few days. Have you been away from your PS4 for an extended period of time? Or have you not been using?

I think the problem is caused by dampness that get’s inside when it gets cold. You won’t have this problem if it is used for a least a few mins every 1-3 days-ish because of the heat. Leave your PS4 on for a day and over night (or maybe a little bit longer). You have no need to worry about it over heating (mainly because it shouldn’t as long as its vents aren’t covered :stuck_out_tongue:) because your PS4 is pretty much at the other end of the spectrum.

Hope this helped.

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I will give that a go! I haven’t been using it an awful lot because I moved house. Thanks so so much, this is greatly appreciated :smile:

No problem. Hope your problem is resolved soon!

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or if you live in a sunny area like me aka california, unplug everything for an 1hr or 2hrs and it will fix

Duct tape, and if that doesn’t work use more


So I actually had this happen to me after I played The Evil With In for more than 2 hours in a row.

I’m pretty sure for me it’s because the PS4 is too warm. It causes some plastic to expand and start triggering the eject button.

For me the fix was simple - I moved my PS4 off my entertainment center onto a cooling rack on the flow and made the air circulated around it. Seemed to fix it right away.


But…But duct tape fixes everything :frowning: XD

It has nothing to do with heat it’s a flaw with the ps4 you can go on to the help sight for it it’s a common problem with older ps4 you have to fully power down your PlayStation at the wall keep pressing the power button until it no longer beeps wait a few minutes put it back into power turn it on problem should go but be warned this issue is permanent

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Also updating your PlayStation can fix this 50/50 percent of the time best way to try and prevent the issue is to always unplug your PlayStation when not in use just adding I also fix play stations it’s so common

I believe you mean “temperature”.

Have you ever thought about what kind of games your Ps4 wants to play?

That’s a ps4 fault not Evolves fault this time!

What causes the eject Imo is the little black rubber feet on the bottom of your ps4 I took them off as soon as I got a ps4 never have I had this problem!

I read the title of this thread and I though it said something completely different… Disks… Yeah not… Ya.

Pu some salt and vinegar on the discs. Your PS4 probably just doesn’t like the taste. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have cleaned this thread up…please, lets stay on topic and try to assist the OP. Wish I could help. Please see more of the above suggestions or trouble shooting via the web.

I’ve had this problem twice and fixed it easily, both times, I still have the rubber.

But the rubber feet make it so the ps4 isn’t level so if it’s on flat surface it will wobble