My progress was reset from level 36. Please help


So I logged into the game tonight to see my rank and all profile progress has been reset to level 1. I still have my custom emblem to confirm I was a higher rank originally as it required challenges to be completed and stars for the wraith done. After playing a ton and proud of the perks I unlocked it would be…an absolute buzz kill if my progress couldn’t be restored.

I hate to go this route as well, but: In the event that my progress cannot be restored I would like a refund for the game. I’ve put at least 200 hours into it already and I’m honestly not doing that again to re-unlock elite perks and high level ones. If a Turtle Rock person can’t help me with this I’ll be going to Microsoft next. Very unhappy customer right now.


I would also like to add that I am I long time fan and veteran of Turtle rock studios, with over 800 collective hours in left4dead 1 and 2. I’ve even dabbled in map making on there.


Don’t think you could have put over 200 hours in. The game hasn’t been out long enough to put that much time into it.


2K is offering a solution. You can go on their free companion app Evolve Hunters Quest and play to unlock mastery or if you want it quicker buy in game currency to get 50% of your mastery back.


I’ve had nothing but free time since the game released and have been putting in at least 4 hours a day, 6 to 7 on heavy days. Regardless I have played a FUCKTON. Of all the things in my post you called attention to that? I just got the actual time, it’s 70 hours on the dot. So yeah, I was exaggerating a bit, but I have put in a ton of time.


So yeah, you’re not funny at all.


I doubt it was a joke

He is offering a helpful solution.


Yep it sucks. We’re still waiting on the patch update that is in testing to stop it happening again, and waiting to hear how they go with restoring progress. There’s a lot of us in this boat. I personally haven’t played in 4 days just to be safe (had some small resets early on) and I was at level 32 within the first 3, its a scary thought. Hang in there.


At the risk of getting completely troll baited I will respond to you seriously.

His solution is to download an app, (I don’t have a smart phone) and re-earn mastery or pay IN that app to get mastery faster. That guy is a troll, and you must be a troll too.


How is that a troll. It is a quick viable way to get 50% mastery.

Your putting to much thought into it :expressionless:


You don’t seem to understand. I had well over 50 percent mastery and was reset. I’m not playing an app game to make up a glitch that lost my progress. That’s absolutely unacceptable and NOT a proper solution to this problem. Do you understand?


As of right now that is the only solution from 2K to get your masteries back without grinding for them again in Evolve.


I know it’s not a solution but he was offer what help he had.


These guys are trying to help. Stop being a douche.