My problems with hunter characters


Griffin should be younger with a more hunter style weapon like a crossbow,.700 shotgun or sniper
Markov’sssault rifle should come with a higher power scope like an acog or something along those lines.
Parnell’s shotgun ,rocket launcher, and super soldier makes no should go shotgun super soldier machine gun his supersoldier skouldent affect his weapons rate of fire.
Torvalds auto fire shotgun is terrible it should of been full auto,his mirror backpack looks stupid.
Sunny’s and Slim’s grenade launchers have to much arc.


I’m going to be honest with you and say that I don’t see any of these things as something that is wrong with the hunters.


Really what are you’re hunter issues


The reason why his shotguns fire rate increases might be because when he uses the super soldier his strength increases so he can handle the increased fire rate and recoil of the shotgun. He does have the move speed and jump height increased.

I don’t know why griffin should be younger he seems like he’s based off of Alan Quatermain or Van Pelt from Jumanji

Dunno why Markovs rifle needs a sight you aren’t shooting the monster from 200ms away or you shouldn’t be and at close distances that most of the fights are the sight would be useless.

If torvald’s shotgun was full auto there’d be no difference between it and Parnells.


Parnell’s is a double barrel shotgun doing a lot of damage pershot but torvolds does a lot of damage if the entire clip hits.


Griffin doesnt need a different weapon, his SMG is great.


My personal issues are mainly bugs and balance issues so I won’t go into too many specifics but Parnell’s SS sometimes doesn’t work, Sunny needs a nerf, and other things.

And as for your problems basically what @IWannaBeATiger said. Torvald’s shotgun is auto-fire to make it all or nothing and require you to handle all the recoil.


The story behind Griffin’s SMG is that Cabot insisted Griffin use a weapon (I believe Griffin wanted to use his hands) so he grabbed the closest weapon which was a Gauss SMG.


My real problem is Markov’s red dot sight if it’s made for long range it should have higher zoom.


It’s for medium to long range and when you aim it does zoom a bit. No hunters have a scope on a weapon other than Val, Lazarus, and Crow.


Still in the description it says long range assault rifle.


Long range is usually at about 100meters though past that it’s kinda extreme ranges.


That plenty zoom then isn’t it.


You aren’t actually serious about Parnell, are you? What on earth would be the point of super soldier if it didn’t increase his fire rate? Also, they purposely don’t add weapons with high power scopes so that people don’t sit there and snipe the monster all game (ruining the hunt). I can’t even take this post seriously, sorry. Your problems are completely unrealistic, and are just things that you personally want. At this point, people are just complaining about non-existent problems and making things up to whine about.


It’s reasonable due to the accuracy getting worse than farther it shoots and then again most of the time if you have line of sight it’s within a decent range. Just stating my own opinions not saying you’re necessarily wrong.


My only criticism is character names. Abe should be Parnell, but Parnell doesn’t look like an Abe so give it to Hank and have Parnell be “Hank the Tank”. Confused?


Terrible the names are fine the way they are.


I agree… ^.-


Nice troll thread. Was good for a laugh or two.


I just wonder why Parnell’s balls aren’t bigger than the other assaults on his model … They clearly are in real life!!!