My Problem with TRS' Patching


It’s well known how horribly unfun wraith was when Evolve was launched. TRS insisted that the reason patching wraith took almost a month and a half was because they were implementing a micropatch system that would make sure we never have to wait that long again.

Was micropatching worth it? As of right now, I don’t think so. The last micropatch broke Kraken such that you needed a title update to fix him. He was unable to be fixed with a micropatch. So months were wasted implementing a patch system that can’t even fix what it breaks itself. This isn’t even touching the Behemoth rollspam. The assurance of quality control just isn’t there. What if a monster accidentally got infinite stamina from another botched micropatch? How many of you are willing to wait over a month facing such monsters everyday?

The name of the game right now for balance is months. I understand the contentions about the approval process for console but the fact remains that many other games are patched far more frequently than Evolve is right now. How does this effect me? I will be putting any DLC purchases on hold until they can get a state out where nothing is broken. I don’t mean perfectly balanced, but simply NOT broken. No rollspam behemoths, ungroundable Krakens etc.


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what do you mean roll spam they already patched it?


To be fair, micropatching can’t/won’t fix the issues that are tied with having to change gameplay core mechanics. For instance, micropatching can tweak numbers, but title patching is where Kraken’s CC would get fixed, same with Behemoth’s roll attack spam. Those are core changes to the game as opposed to simple number tweaks. It’s the title patching that takes longer and causes the large scale changes you are talking about :slight_smile:


Kraken was broken via the Title Update, not a micropatch…

That’s why they can’t fix it until the next Title Update


You do know one of the core aspects of Kraken was always there in which he had his gravity turned off when using an ability right OP?

This thread is a clear case of someone who is mad for all the wrong reasons as his information isn’t how things actually work.


This has already been talked to death about. TRS had changed the way the system does calculations for the Kraken’s abilities but never rolled these changes out to the public. When they made the Kraken changes, it worked fine on their end (due to the newer system), but upon rolling it out to the public it caused even more problems.

To fix this, we need the new system on our end, which can’t be done via micropatch. You say that other games get updates more often. If so, which games? Evolve is updated very regularly. It might not seem like it, but they roll out BIG updates every month. Just read some of the old patch notes, they aren’t small changes. They like to roll out patches with a lot of content, rather than just rolling out single bug fixes.


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Ah ok. Well if it can be of further help to keep this open, sure then.


Personally I think when you go back and look at how often they push out a new patch is pretty good. Having cross platforms can be difficult just to get certified etc… Hopefully once the big issues are resolved micropatching should be all we need inbetween large releases of DLC (Maps/Monsters/Modes/Hunters)


I 100% agree. Other companies release bigger and even more complicated patches (that work) in a week. Something is going wrong at TRS. You can already buy Evolve with the season pass for 53 euro’s.