My problem with Caira & Hank


Caira needs a nerf and here’s the reason I think why.

If I’m playing as the Hunters and get slapped with either Support or Medic then Ill just wait and see what the other will do. If I see a Caira then Ill just pick Hank or the vice versa because I know those two together are an absurdly powerful combo and is usually enough to just win without anyone dieing.

The reason is Hank will just slap his shield on to someone and Caira will vaguely aim in someones general direction and heal half the team. Now I don’t entirely have a problem with this most of the time because you can just focus the medic and kill them… Unless its Caira and Hank.

With Caira’s ability to just aim at her feet or the monster that is all up in her face and Hank’s ability to shield her. Then she can just tank any damage you throw at her and any progress you’ve made in killing her goes right out the window.

And you can just stick on her forever because the Trapper is going to harpoon you and force you to look back to break the harpoon. Giving her enough time to use a speed boost and fly away.

So why doesn’t the Monster just focus Hank instead? Because he’ll just turn invisible and Caira will aim somewhere in his general direction should he be taking any damage.

Seriously I’ve done this plenty of times before with me being on both sides of the table. I rarely win against it and I rarely lose while doing it either.

The only times I ever seem to lose when doing this combo is when the Medic isn’t exactly the brightest(I prefer Support over medic) or if one of us gets stuck in a corner by a Wraith Supernova.

And that Supernova one doesn’t always work out for the monster either if its Caira that’s stuck because then Ill just bomb him from orbit making him choose to either move or lose half of his health bar.

I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of “Oh I beat those two together all the time because I do this and whatever”.

I’m not saying its unbeatable, I’m saying its really to strong and needs to be changed a little bit. Maybe Caira doesn’t heal herself as much as the other Hunters or her grenades have a shorter splash?


100% a nerve wrecking combo. High level teams generally do this. It’s annoying, because I could get to stage 3 with no health damage and full armor.and can lose the match with not even a single strike, which is pathetic… but what am I suppose to do if Caira is being shielded, everyone is being healed, Hank’s going cloak and being healed, and trappers is shoving harpoons up Goliath’s ass? I have beaten the combo before, but I lost to it a lot more, and frustrates me to hell.


I’ve only seen this combo a couple times but I beat it both times by just doing a ton of damage to Caira. Her heals on herself are pretty weak. Just gotta be decent with those rock throws. Also, charge her and knock her into a weird spot where Hank doesn’t have line of sight. Makes it hard for him to shield her or bomb you.


Hate this combo but good news! Cairas accel speed is getting an extra 15 sec cooldown!


Lol she dosent need a nerf she already got nerfed on something which already had a long ass cool down. No more nerf she will be trash.


Caira is fine, and this is coming from a Maggie player.


What does that have to do with anything?


Me being a Maggie player?

Well lets start of slow, so you can follow. My claim that I am a Maggie player, starts off the conversation, providing evidence to show I am not salty with you claiming she needs nerfed. When I said Caira is fine, it’s coming from someone who doesn’t play her. So what do you think that means?

First off, Caira is already getting nerfed. Her movement boost is getting 15 seconds added to the cooldown, so it’s going to be the longest hunter cd in the game pretty much. Her healing isn’t amazing, it’s actually not too fast, as she needs to reload, meaning, she’s a burst AoE healer. She gets her healing through self heals, and AoE heals. Each grenade does not hit for a ton of health, any stage 2 monster can out damage her healing rate. If you put Hank into the equation, you might need stage 3 if they are very skilled. But most of the time, you’re fighting in pugs.

Second, her damage is next to none, so she doesn’t even touch your health bar, and she doesn’t support the damage tier like Val/Laz do. So her healing isn’t op, and her damage is nothing. As well as this, she can’t support the team past movement speed, and healing. And her movement speed is getting nerfed by quite a bit.

So in the end, what does it have to do with anything? Everything.


You know that, if you break Hanks line of sight, he can’t shield anyone, right? And every monster has some ability that can split the group, making your job to break his line of sight easier.

Or that as Goliath you can flame breath stealth hunters to reveal them, right? Or that you can see footprints and jet pack flames when they move?


I find it easier to go for hank regardless of his cloak, I usually go agiasnt this combo anyways and I beat them stage 2 with 3 leap and 3 charge and it’s Amazing for me to separate people from the group and do tons of damage when u mix in some melee. If the team is good and hank starts shielding I just go attack him or I attack any clustered hunters I see with charge so he cant shield them both and leap smash over right back to either caira or to him and if he cloaks I just start beating the ish out of Caira again until he shield and then I focus him again or attack a group of clustered hunters. By this time I’ve usually gotten some or many downs on the medic, support, or trapper ( assault sometimes too) and I just run out with my leaps and my abilities and eat. I usually win all my pub games stage 2 as-well as when I’m playing in a party. If I ever go stage 3 I take 3 in rock throw and just destroy teams. :smile:


What does that have to do with anything? Caira can’t heal herself with the bombs, I play her a lot & I know for a fact that her health explosions do nothing for her. Her nades are trash too & they do little damage… all she has going for her is the speed up & health explosions. There’s also a considerable amount of time between reloading & it’s in this reload time when her fellow hunters usually die,


If you literally mean she can’t heal herself with bombs, you are wrong.

If you mean they heal for 4% of her HP, you are right.


Hank + Caira is strong, very strong. But I don’t think it’s broken. If Caira’s nades are healing multiple targets, that means they are clustered, an your abilities can hit them too. You need to put damage on multiple people in this case, wait for Caira to begin healing a target other than Hank and then you get him. If you can keep everyone on their team below full health she will have a lot of trouble due to the reload time on her weapon. You split them then focus them. Use your environment too. Hank’s shield aint gonna work through rock, the same applies (so long as the rock is thick enough) to Caira’s nades.

You have to be patient in fights, wait for the moment they slip up or move out of position, waste that bit of fuel etc.


Are you sure? I always shoot myself to test this & never am I healed by the explosion, I use the healing burst obviously and of course that works, but nade explosions, nope.


I’m positive. I’ve been playing Caira to elite her and know for a fact her grenades heal her, just a much smaller amount than that of her heal towards other players.

Hop onto a solo game and run into some mammoth birds, then shoot the entire clip at your feet while looking at your HP bar.


People overexagerrating slightly. I play hunters exclusively with a very good team.

Caira’s self healing ability is weak, and she has to slow down in order to do it so no avoidance. Hank has his cloak, but if you see him cloak or wait for it to run out then you can punish him. The trick is not to switch target, you are just favouring the odds in the hunters favour that way.

However, the game winner here is LoS. Seen a lot of monsters doing this lately, just knocking people back continuously to break LoS.

The Caira/Val + Hank combo is amazing, but requires the right conditions to be effective, eg a nice standoff position. Best thing you could do against a strong team, is pick your own conditions for a fight. Too many monsters i see are just running round for 10 minutes until stage 3 and then fighting at a spot the hunters prepared because they know whats coming. My team does this all the time.

Some monster players need to grow a pair, and take the fight to the hunters. Stage 2 can wreck if you ambush well.

Caves! All i am gonna say is caves…should be a monsters best friend. LoS is a nightmare, AoE monster attacks have max effect, no high ground and nowhere to hide. As opposed to somewhere near the power relays, consisting of large open areas, high buildings and walkways, lots of verticality to jink the monster.

Its a no brainer. Bottom line, stop being pussies and pick your fights rather than just thinking auto stage 3 should be a win.


Yeah, I will have to test it… you’re right, it’s not as much though - like you said, I remember seeing it in the video tutorial & thought it was a myth. I’m going to have to use that more often when I’m the last one standing, sprint & shoot me feet.


Caira can heal from her healing grenades, she’s the only healer currently, that can heal herself outside of the class burst heal.


I’ve seen it in the video tips & tried it, never seemed to work, I guess it was the lag (Aussie & I play on international servers), it is only a small amount, but it’s handy, I guess I’ll start using it more often.


I agree that Caira’s AoE heal could use a bit of radius reduction, thus calling for better accuracy from Caira players. I already voiced my opinion regarding the inadequacy of speed boost nerf - that was Caira’s “thing” - ability to keep the pressure on the monster after the dome goes down; and now it’s pretty much gone.