Monster is my lowest choice. Support is my next lowest choice. Medic is my first choice. why is this always making me play monster/support? </3


It might be because you are playing with a group of 3 or 4 and thats why you are being force to play monster.


Team of 4 players force you to go monster.


The preferred sole system is at the mercy of the player pool. They can’t do anything about it.


Why. Why do games with matchmaking always make people play with/against teams. I dont care if search takes longer let me search for just solo players or a no higher than team of 2.


Try praying to another god when joining? If its that bad maybe group up and do some custom games.


Yeah, It’s one of the problems I had in Alpha and beta as well, really thought they would have tuned it a bit better, they said they were planning to.

I really would like the option to queue for something specific, at least I mean hunter or monster, not a specific hunter even.
I mean, you should learn all the hunters anyways.

My problem comes from the monster and hunter play styles are so incredibly different. There are going to be evenings when I really REALLY don’t want to be monster, because it gets my heart racing a lot more, it gets me a bit more stressed, than I get as a hunter. Some evenings I really don’t think I will want that, some I will want that specifically.


If you want to just play that role you should be able to search for just that, search may take longer to accommodate you but at least you dont get stressed playing a role you dont want to play. Its placing me monster 75% of the time. Its my least preferred option this should not be happening.


There was an interview I can’t Remeber which one though, I think maybe an interview with 2k, they said you could choose your role and wait longer to get guarantee… Guess not :frowning:


Probably the one decision they made for this game that boggles my mind and I still disagree with.

Let me chose my role and wait however long is necessary to be placed into that role. This needs to be a thing.