My predictions on future skin challenges


Oh yes… Yes… I can see it clearly now…

The future “skin challenges” will be with Val and Parnell …

Don’t ask how I know this… You don’t want to know the dark truth…

Just remember my words… Till the time comes…


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Ok then. Anything on monsters?

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Thank you for the words of wisdom oh great Goliath… Thats wearing a wig and lipstick ^.^


I announce 900 000 000 revive with Laz stuff.


Dont forget fake eyelashes :slight_smile:

@ddlarnold Sorry my friend, only 1 prediction per week.
But… Whatever… Kraken’s Aftershock challenge soon…

Hehe, cool

Kraken Voodoo skin, land lightning strikes.
Wraith Voodoo skin, land abductions.

Whoevers played the least or seems the most UP

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I’m guessing you made these predictions off of the fact that Torvald and Slim don’t have any free skins?

Most of the events so far have been for underplayed characters. We had Griffin first, then Goliath (who does break the trend somewhat) and now Bucket.

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All vhars with low end win rates.

Its all people you dont see played alot, youll see way more maggies and abes than griffins, and unless its nest youll almost never see bucket, and they probably did goliath because they needed a monster one out and krak and wraith are played a little more, im assuming the next one will be monster, good news is if this is the case they probably have cool skins backed up for every single character for free events

I think we might see a Laz challenge. :smile:

That would be cool. Finaly a reason to play Lazarus :blush:

I’d like a Medic challenge.

If it’s based on least played characters I doubt it would be Val or markov since. 1- they are probably most played character since they are default for joining mid game and 2- all tier one hunters are getting their own challenge in app atm xD not that app really have much to do with full game

Obviously it’s going to be either Val or Laz predator skins and Parnell predator skin. They’ve been doing them with the least used hunters, probably to try and figure out why they are the least played.

There needs to be a Hyde challenge “melt 1 million fuckin faces with the fuckin flame thrower”
Monsters wildlife teammates just melt a million faces :slight_smile:


Lol. Looks like you were off a bit