My Plea to you - Keep Calm and Evolve On!


Just a general plea to forum users, especially new ones. These forums have been a great place the last few months; very fun and ‘mature.’ (Not grown up necessarily, but mature :wink: ). Please remember we’re all in this game together, for the most part your experiences are our experiences. We get it. No need to be rude or overly defensive.

The game just came out, the masses are just getting their hands on it. Enjoy the game, encourage those you play with, and be patient while TRS gets on the bugs and balance. They will, for sure!

Lastly, if you are a solo PC player and do not have friends who play the game (or you do but they are annoying in game. :D) and you are someone calm, but want to learn and get better, and if every other word out of your mouth isn’t F-this, or F-that, please feel free to add me in Steam and I’ll be glad to join up with folks this weekend. I have a bunch of other forum regulars in my friend’s list as well, we can get a full team going maybe!

(Steam Name is same as forum name - same image too: VonHenry)

Keep Calm and Evolve on People!

Telemetry and Game Balance

Everyone “Evolving On?” :smiley:


Noooo, I don’t have my game yet! :frowning:


?!? :confused:

How in the world does a guy who was at the 2K Christmas party and is a Mod not even have his game yet? No pre-order? Mailman get lost?


Nah, it’ll be here soon so I’m not worried! Still, gives me time to go over the forums a few times, make sure everything is okay! :smile:


True. Before you will be gone forever!


Remember the golden rule. Flame is lame. :sunglasses:


Well, could be worse @SlinkyGuy, I’ve had the game since about 4 hours after release (Pre Order Steam), and I have played exactly ZERO MutliPlayer matches. Got my 2 gold straightway on tutorials, 2 warm-ups as monster Solo Hunt…and set up my Badge. That’s it.


Everyone should read this.