My Personal Community Challenge For Monsters


I want people to leave a Monster, Perk, Stage 1 build, Stage 2 build, and Stage 3 build for others to try to win with.

The Rules:

  1. Don’t make it ridiculously hard for them to win give them a viable ability for different purposes by Stage 2.
  2. The Armor Regenerates and Climb Speed perks don’t seem very viable to me honestly so try to avoid those but if you can justify it go for it.
  3. Notify the person who’s challenge you’ve accepted and then respond with a video of you doing the build (I know PS4 and PC shouldn’t have trouble recording games as well those with a capture card)
  4. Have fun with it.

I myself will probably take a few challenges myself as recently my monster games have become repetitive with my normal monster and build so let’s mix it up. :smile:



Smell Range-

S1: Abduct 2, WB 1.

S2: Abduct 3, WB 1, Decoy 2.

S3: Abduct 3, WB 1, Decoy 3, SN 2.

Emphasis on long range bodysnatches and then a quick burst down with SN and WB before repositioning with Decoy.

I play this when I want to screw around against bad Hunters.


Okay Goliath

Speed perk

Stage 1: 2 Rock throw, 1 Charge

Stage 2: 2 Rock throw, 1 Fire breath, 2 Leap Smash, 1 Charge

Stage 3: 3 Rock throw, 1 Fire Breath, 3 Leap Smash, 2 Charge


Perk? 10 char


You ninja’d me :open_mouth:


hmm what’re you talking about? there are no ninjas here :sunglasses:


Behemoth-Damage perk, 1 lava, 1 fissure, 1 tounge.
No evolves.
Try it ^.-


Lol but you should clarify which speed, I’m assuming you mean movement a lot of perks have speed in their descriptions.


The challenge level is rising :fearful:


I take that and raise you Goliath
Nom perk
Stage 1: 3 fire breath no evolve


Behemoth with damage bonus. S1: 1 in tongue 2 in rock wall S2: 3 in fissure S3: 2 in lava bomb and another point in tongue. This is the build I use for Bob, one that I believe to be underused.


I had to use both I couldn’t choose one lol


Behemoth with damage bonus


2 lavabomb
1 rockwall

Never sneak, never evolve, just rock and roll.


Lol you gotta clarify the power list since it’s not in a list setup


I take that and raise you this:


Armor Regen perk.

No eating. :wink:

Stage one, no evolving, three in Supernova. The most worthless combat ability ever. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck, have fun.


Sad thing is I just did that ^.^
The salt is real


pics or gtfo


B-b-but I cant ;-;


I take that and raise you this
Kraken: after nerf of course

smell range perk

Stage 1: 3 Aftershock, no eating


@B_Wood3235 and @Quirkly I accept your challenges