My PC will finally be back!


After almost 2 weeks of not playing I’ll finally be able to play Evolve since my PC will be back this coming Monday! I can not only play my favorite game, but also make videos for my channel again and continue my studies in coding! WOOOOO but Evolve first. Evolve is life…


Where was your pc?


In the shop getting fixed :3


Than you better hope they didn’t fix it with a GTX 960, 970 or 980. If they did there’s a high possibility the Device_Hung error will keep up that evolve abstinence for you.


Time always seems twice as long when you’re waiting for something…


Nope don’t worry I’m good with 2 GTX GeForce 880Ms


Very true my friend. Very true


2 weeks huh? Ouch, glad you’re getting your PC back. ^.^


So am I man. So am I :+1:


I am excited for you!

Me and the family are moving and my PC and XB1 will be in storage for 3 weeks… I am dreading it. Evolve-withdrawals are going to be hard for me. :scream:


They’re not as hard as it seems. I only lost my pinky by knawing it off…


Awesome! Have fun!


Awesome! Now we can finly play with you! :smiley:



10 chars


We’re not that great. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I’m gonna be rusty as hell so I’ll be practicing with bots for a little bit to get some much needed warmups a haha