My PC is in the ER. She'll make it. Don't worry

Heyo fellow monsters and hunters of Evolve! I hate to say it but my PC is having some hardware issues so she is going back to the manufacturer to get repaired. I won’t be able to play my favorite game or post videos of me slaughtering hunters for a bit. But don’t worry! Once she comes home, I’ll be back to hunting humans and having goofy gaming moments in no time! If you want to check out some of my videos, just click the link below! Live long, game on, and happy hunting my pretties >:3

Poor girl. I wish her a speedy recovery.

so do I. Right now I am stuck with a regular ol laptop. Ugh…

Cant play on laptop?

I always play on my laptop :smiley: (Ultra-high with default AA and medium shadows) n shadowplay doesnt make the game lag !

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Yeah but this laptop doesn’t have to ability to run games like Evolve. I’m sad ;-;

aw :frowning: Too bad… How can you live without having stupid dreams about playing evolve and getting up at 12 am ~.~ ?

With coffee and lots of patience my friend. Mostly coffee though xD

Recently steam F-ed me up and i had to download 32.5gb and best part was that i couldnt sleep. Everytime i sleep, i get stupid frigging dreams about playing evolve and would somehow wake up >.<.

Anyway how many days you have to wait ?

Idk I’m guessing at least 2 weeks ;-;


Sooo much pain …

[System failure… error 0x09x787x8]

Pain I can endure my friend. I will stay on the forums and watch Evolve videos to ease the pain. Plus it’ll give me time to think of some new strategies to try and maybe by that time Behemoth will be fixed and the Hunters be balanced. I’m excited for that part about it :smiley:

Did somebody say coffee?

That’s all I have. :sob:

No. If someone had said coffee they would be dead and I would be drinking it.

Awww. That must suck.

Now, excuse me, gonna play some Evolve…

When my PC comes back I’ll make it my life’s mission to hunt your lobby down and unleash my inner demon upon your hunter soul. >:3


I hope she returns to you soon :cry:

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I do too Gems. I do too. <3

Moving to Off Topic. Hooray! :smile:

haha xD

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And I would be resurrecting our love of coffee thread