My own Monster - please consider looking over it. =)


I have been mulling over different ideas for a monster lately, I pitched it to some friends who already love the game and they said that I should go to the forums with it. I’ll try my best to transcribe this creation into the allotted space. Take a look at my idea! Critique if necessary, send it higher up should you know the necessary people. Its every ones dream to see their baby shine after all. lol.

Now I derived the name was from a study of different mythology, this one hailing from the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan.

NAME: Ōmukade (Giant, human-eating centipede that lives in the mountains) *name is subject to change

Now if I were a better artist, I would draw out this guy, but im not. Im mediocre and dont want to get frustrated trying to design this thing by hand, but I am skilled with description, so here goes.

DESIGN: Now the whole gist of this beasty is creepy, crawly, ambushy goodness. The front 1/5 of this elongated mind-baby of mine is unarmored. It isnt affected by how much armor, no matter how much you have. BUT, the remaining 4/5 of this body are covered in a muddy exterior, complete with hanging, picked up branches and a mossy butox. The back half is the part you want the hunters hitting, so placement is crucial. The underside of this monstrosity is segmented, abdomen-esque sections, each section hosting its pair of legs. The front half has snap claws, very similar to the Amblypygi, or Tailless Whip Scorpion. (new users cant upload images apparently or I would show it.) Now being an ambush predator, the back half of it will actually accommodate to the map you’re on at the time! The front part is what is affected by skins and that like, if no skin, its a pale pink, fleshy exterior housing the head and the head parts.

Now for the abilities! Probably where the most critiquing is needed or going to be.

ABILITY 1: BURROW - exactly what it says, you burrow! But only your head. Since its the part that isnt affected by armor, its important to be an ostrich sometimes! And you can activate ABILITY 1 again to burst your head from the wall, dealing AOE damage in a circle around the creatures head area. The rest of you will adhere to the wall when your head is under the ground, or in a wall. =p

ABILITY 2: COIL - Nuff said on this one, the monster will use its armored parts to coil around the exposed, armorless head, and after a few seconds, you lash out in a cone in front of you.

ABILITY 3: WHIPLASH - Lock your head to the ground and swing your body in one direction, dealing large damage, but hard to land.

ABILITY 4: SCURRY - Speed buff! Move faster and wriggle around all creepy like. =D

If anyone has anything to add, please feel free! I would love a big ass centipede in the game. =D


Hey there, you should look into posting this in the mega thread - What type of Monster would you like to see?


Did so! Thanks for the link. =) Any thoughts on it though? lol


I won love a centipede monster to be sure! TRS already tried a borrowing move and ended up scrapping it. I liked the whiplash idea but maybe it could be used to scatter the hunters.


Well yeah, it’d throw them back some. I didnt even think to add that. lol.


And maybe with a second well timed button press you could grab one hunter and toss him/her in the opposite direction.


Skilled players could throw themselves past them and knock them back with COIL, creating some great escapes. =p