My own Laz glove - FedEx Update!


So I recently got a job at FedEX and with every package I handle you’re supposed to scan it using this device that you put on your hand that looks like a glove and I like to pretend I’m Laz and I’m reviving boxes hahahahaha i need friends.

FedEx update!

At least you’re having fun with it.


8 likes in 10 minutes. New record?

Have you got a picture? Please show us! :smiley:


The FedEx device is ready!


The FedEx device commands! You must obey.


Shroedingers cat is alive.


Hahahahahaha omg xD


Ahh the FedEx Stamp is ready, are you a box? Of course you are.

[Spoiler] I’m horrible [/Spoiler]


Forgetting stamps I do not recommend it!
pls halp meh


Lol I would do that to


Hahahaha, that´s hilarious!


“Billy, where is the FedEx stamp?”

"The FedEx stamper is charging!"
Good god…


I can’t stop laughing, that’s too funny. :joy:


ahh the shipping field is ready perhaps we should wait for more boxes

It is dead finally perhaps we should take its body back and ship it never mind it would cost to much

Find me now FedEx

Help me please


EVERY post I read, was with Lazs’ voice lmfao.


Lazarus adaptation confirmed


Where are the Packages!


Oh I wish I did! But phones aren’t allowed in the facility :frowning:


Target maximum stamping power!

You may stamp when ready!

Aren’t you a little short for a stamper?


Whatever gets you through work XD