My Overall Thoughts of all the **** that happened today


First of all DAYUM GREAT JOBS DEVS u da best.


In the lab there is a screen at the bottom showing what may or not be the third monster I think there is a possibility that the wraith can somehow create phantoms or influences their creation because lets be real that would be badass and Wraith and phantoms go together.The behemoth having mutilple eyes and seeing its sillihoute is aslo cool.The way the Wraith hit Hyde seems like a ability I mean that dude flew back a good distance maybe it is the warp blast ability. Can’t wait to learn more about evac mode and could there be a 12v3 mode cause that would be badass.

Predictions- I feel that wraith will be revealed tomorrow since the AMA is Thursday and the live stream will be Wednesday to show off the wraith because damjess said they will be doing a live stream midweek so Wednesday fits for that.

plz don’t edit the part where I said wraith because it looks like what we saw in the leaked picture.


The TRS stream is on friday and wraith will not be shown during/before that so it’s not this week, maybe end of december to create beta hype.

And why are people calling the 4th monster behemoth already?


They’ve mentioned several times that they don’t have plans for any non 4v1 on release. That being said, very excited about the 3rd monster. Damjess said they wouldn’t be showing 3rd monster footage on Friday, but I don’t know if they are still planning abducting us on Wednesday for a stream with a 3rd monster reveal that would make us all explode with joy like a supernova would. Of course, the Friday stream not showing us the 3rd monster could be just a decoy, but I don’t know if they would do something about that. I can’t find a smooth way of putting VB in this conversation! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, like @Rctboy95 said they’re not going to show the third monster this week
Damjess posted this in the live stream topic [quote=“DamJess, post:1135, topic:17873, full:true”]
Sadly, there will be no third monster don’t want to let you guys down by not saying anything


Nope it’s friday, and they have not revealed the name yet. :slight_smile:


dammit why u do this TRS gods


I think they haven’t confirmed it but people think it was the one that was chosen, though i don’t know why


People were speculating (Possibly correctly even) that Behemoth was ahead by 9% in the polls an hour before the polls ended.


Behemoth would probably be copyrighted ( and the worst of all 4 … )?
They should take this vote into their dicision, not take the first one and go with it. :slight_smile:


Whoa whoa whoa…is everyone calling the third monster ‘wraith’ because of the picture that was ‘leaked’? And if not where are you getting your info from (not to sound rude) because I am on the evolve forums and website CONSTANTLY and still hear people talking about stuff that isnt on the sites but they sound legit. …I feel like I cant keep up as much as I would like.


You’ve missed the new trailer? go to the new footage topic


There may or may not have been redacted redacted redacted in the redacted redacted today. redacted redacted redacted redacted leak redacted redacted something redacted redacted darkside redacted redacted complete.


The Leaked Image perfectly matches the monster.

Also, this


Lol its one of those things where you want to know so bad but only officially, not from leaked material. I can only imagine how trs felt about the leaked image before the video…it does look awsome though.


People get to vote what the 4th monster name is and Behemoth is winning last time i checked.


Fixed that for you :slight_smile:


Like i said, i hope they don’t go for the first one and take that name without thinking about other posibilities.


Like I said previously… Why have the vote if they ignore it?


So they can tease us when they actually release the monster and the name is a 1000 times cooler :thumbsup:


Why vote at all? It will only be a negative thing. If the devs chose the name without people voting evryone would accept it and almost no argument. Now the community can vote on 4 diffrent names so a big % will feel negative about the name just because they did not get the name they wanted.