My overall conclusion on the state of Evolve currently


Oh Evolve. Such a beautiful concept of imagination and dedication. I’ve slaughtered hunters since Alpha and have had a blast doing it. Now I want to talk about the issues and my proposals for this game. Let’s start with the issues.

Oh we’ve all been monster at least once right? Being given that power. Feelings your instincts take over. Unleashing your inner beast. Oh it’s a great thrill for me. But as the game’s life proceeds I would notice that the monsters seem to be turning into cute little bunny rabbits easily hunted.

As I predicted before any of the DLC dropped, I knew there would be a risk of hunter combinations and future abilities that could cripple the monsters and ruin that sense of power and fun for the monster players. I win constantly with Goliath. Like consistently win lol. But as I’ve noticed I’ve gotten into games where you couldn’t get away from a charged stasis shot from Crow, and nothing but jetpack boost from Sunny. They even had it to where the trapper would fly by me like a pesky bug. It was annoying even though I won. I barely won, but I won. That kind of advantage given to the hunters is just wrong and seems unorthodox as to why you would implement that kind of power to the hunters. The monsters are supposed to be these feared beasts that would strike fear into any hunter’s eyes, but it seems that it’s the other way around, even at stage 2 for a lot of monsters out there.

One thing that I think is wrong with Sunny is her jetpack booster. I really don’t think it should’ve had that super fast dash feature in the first place. To be honest I’d think it’d be a more balanced tool if that fast dash feature was taken out and it gave hunters 3 or 4 free regular jetpack boosts without consuming their rations. That way they can still hover and fly after the beam runs out. (I know I’m gonna get backlash for that idea, but I am sure it would be better for the game on both ends).

Now I wanna talk about Crow and his pet Gobi. I love that little guy, but dang can he be spammed for a monster on the run. The monster is suppressed from having the element of surprise to attack hunters or just to get away. Now what do I suggest? Just put like a 3 second cooldown. That’s it. I know it doesn’t seem much, but in this game, every second counts.

For the most recent patch. Holy moly I don’t wanna get into it but danggit I have to speak up against the things I think were wrong. For one I think the Behemoth’s traversal being sucked dry for getting started into it is just a bad idea when he also takes double damage while being in ball form even though he’s all covered up and not exposed. I just don’t see the logic in that. Behemoth’s traversal is so weak against a Griffin it’s just humiliating to call him a monster. Like since you can’t break the harpoon soon enough and having to attack it with melee then use another chunk of your traversal stamina is just bad balancing for him. I’m sorry but that’s just making it so he can’t get away and is nothing but a bullet sponge. Can some awesome Behemoth players out there tell me how I can deal with a team that has a Griffin that is always harping you and how I could deal with that while trying to save stamina but also trying to get away? I could use some advice if there’s any out there. Like I would even use a rock wall and the tether would stay on me WHILE going through the wall. It’s just bad. Also I don’t know why they would nerf Goliath a little bit even though he is the most balanced monster in the game. I see no logic in that especially when in combat I use the traversal to switch from target to target while dealing with experienced groups (almost every game I play since I’m the much of a beast).

I have much to say but these are the main points I’d like to state since I’m partaking in a tournament tomorrow as a Goliath.

AWESOME BEHEMOTH PLAYERS!!! Give me advice on how I can counter that crippling Griffin harp. That would be awesome. Thanks :slight_smile:


Mh, without Sunny it’s definitely easier to get away from Griffin, with Sunny… it’s more about stacking up that stamina to full before disengaging and one decent Wall placement (never had a harpoon not break after putting up a wall myself). Other than that there’s not much to do than trying to break line of sight as much as possible I guess it’s just what Griffin does.


They fixed the damage you take while rolling.


Its impossible to get away from. Just had a good team up against me as monster. No matter who I played goliath, kraken anyone i could not escape long enough to evolve. And once I was found griffin made sure I stayed found! The Sunny, griffin combo breaks the game and makes monster impossibly tough. Even if you did get away he would have so many sound spikes up I wasnt free for long.

How Sunnys jet pack didnt get hit with the nerf bat I do not know?!

TBH I really wish it was the concept I thought it was when it was first announced, that it just makes your jetpack recharge faster!! Why does it have to turn you into superman that can fly through the air and 10000000 miles an hour?! I dont know. TRS really didnt think it through in terms of how it would really change the game.

The game is just incredibly one sided! Your constantly on the run as a monster, your constantly on the back foot and the tiniest of mistakes and the game is done.
I’m guessing its because TRS want to have proper tournament style play out of the game. Meaning they have to balence it in a way that means the best monster players have to be killable. But in doing that its making the main player base alienated from playing it as its so unforgiving and you have to be that much better. Thats how it is at the moment anyway I feel.

My biggest complaint is they are basing this off of their telemetry data which cannot be right! Surely?! The game I’m playing suggests nothing of what I’m being told. My only guess is because the matchmaking isnt great, people are being put in with players that are either far worse or far better than their skill meaning the telemetry is slightly wonky in terms of changes for balance?!

At the end of the day I don’t have the answers but its now 2 months in and I’m getting less and less interested. Especially in monster!


There is nothing to think through if you do not know what your own game boils down to.


It’s definitely getting disheartening to play a monster. When the game first started, you felt like both sides were being careful of each other, but now it’s a constant run to hit stage three otherwise you die. TRS wants you to fight in the domes as you’re evolving up but that’s pure idiocy. There is extremely little room for error.

There are also so many ways to track a monster, I sometimes wonder if I should stealth at all.

If it’s not a Tranq dart highlighting me yellow, it’s a tracking dark, or a UAV, or random carrion birds that seem to pop up every time you eat, or random birds on the ground that you “scare” or maybe a dust cloud or two. I’d love to take other perks, but I only take the 75% eating perk because 9/10 the hunters are seconds behind and I don’t have time to stop.

Then there’s the 101 ways to be slowed to a craw that makes playing a monster feel like you’re swimming through molasses. That’s one of the reasons I gave up on behemoth. It’s easy to hit him with all of them and its a pain to get the hunters in range to melee—plus of course the rock wall that may or may not work, depending on how its feeling that day.

The thing is, the combat is actually pretty fun in the game. The actual hunting part isn’t, at least for a monster. It’s no surprise that there are fewer and fewer dedicated monster players out there now. I hope the hunters enjoy playing against bots shrug.


“I used to constantly win, these days I constantly win still but the games are close. The game is definitely over powered in favour of Hunters though.”

See how silly that sounds written down? At level 40 monster wins more than the hunters do, this is a fact based on telemetry data from the devs.

Too many monster players crying these days despite having a WLR waaaaaaay over 50%. If the game was perfectly balanced then you’d win 50% of your games and lose 50% of them, yet you’re moaning that the hunters are too powerful des pite winning nearly all of your games constantly?


Nope. It’s still 2x damage man :confused:


That’s not at all what I said and not at all is what my point and not at all what happens lol. My main reason for making this is because you have to really work hard as a monster instead of really playing. Plus the hunters are beginning to become a bit too powerful with their added on abilities and how more combinations are coming into play that could and are starting to cripple the monster players since the monsters have only a select few choice moves and abilities to pull off. And I honestly don’t think this game this game is balanced. It’s flawed to use telemetry data to measure balanced for a game because most of that data comes from casuals and regular players. Experienced players like you (I’m assuming your skilled) and me should be the kind of people that test it out. People that are experienced and great at the game are the people that will truly test the game’s limits and boundaries, thus seeing what’s truly balanced or unbalanced.


Lemme fix that, that’s wrong, Hunters are actually winning in telemetry right now mainly due to T4 and the imbalance they temporarily created. Like 4% off or something. I think it was 1,5% or something off before, favouring the Monsters.

I agree with the rest of your post though.


I do agree with you thebagel RE: not using too much input from casuals to balance the game, casual players still think laz is overpowered… ^_^.


Are you serious? haha xD


Like I said before the game I’m playing is nothing like what I’m being told from telemetry!

It must be the matchmaking causing a squewed telemetry data and good monsters are being placed against hunters which don’t have a clue!


God these forums are negative. All I hear is “OP!!! NERF!! BUFF!! I QUIT! REFUND!!!”

I’m not even close to being the best momster player out there, Meanwhile every game I play as the monster is a blast, some very close shaves but my win/loss ratio is WAY above 50%. And it’s not just against randoms I’ve played some REALLY good pre mades, won and lost against them.

I don’t get what all the fuss is about with tier 4. Like at all. They did quite a lot of damage before the patch but not so much I ever thought it was so overwhelming I must quit immediately and complain on the forums.


I feel like a lot of their damage nerfs were because of Behemoth. The other 3 monsters have a pretty fast & burst-y stamina, while Behemoth takes a while to get going. Therefore, he’s a very easy target for Sunny, Torvald, and Slim. I’m not saying the damage nerfs were unnecessary (hell no; 10k damage on Slim every game didn’t make sense to me, as medic). I’m just saying Behemoth made it more evident.

I still feel like Sunny’s jetpack boost is a tad strong, and Gobi can be spammed a bit too often. I’m not sure how Gobi’s ability to see the monster works, but as a stealth-based monster player, I can say that he ruins 90% of my juking strategies. Even as a hunter, I’ve had situations where Sunny’s jetpack boost throws me way more forward than I expected, thus throwing off my momentum. I’ve found that keeping your momentum going in Evolve is huge; one little harpoon trap placed at a certain spot can really ruin a fight for you.

MacMan/Chloe (I forgot who) said on the last TRS livestream, some game balancing is hard to figure out, so they didn’t jump to any conclusions for stuff that could potentially need a nerf/buff and isn’t directly reflected in the telemetry.


I disagree with a lot of the things in the first part. Monster have no sense of power in Stage One, simple as. They shouldn’t. They are supposed to be at an advantage. With a crow in the team, you should be able to sneak around them and not be seen until Stage 2 is hit. And even then you’re not really supposed to feel untouchable, it is supposed to be an even fight until that point where you get Stage Three.


The basics for any monster on Hunt:
Stage 1: Hunters have the advantage.
Stage 2: Balanced matchup. Attack now or continue to feed.
Stage 3: Monster has the advantage.

If you can’t kill all four hunters or destroy the relay as a stage 3 monster you’re either up against really good hunters, no shame in that. Or you need more practice, no shame in that either. Learn, adapt, win.

Conclusion: The game is fine imo. The only issues we’ve had as players since release was the introduction of the T4 hunters needing rebalancing as well as fixing Behemoth.

As a monster player I’ve never stopped playing as monster, even during the T4 release issues, besides following the basic rules above the main thing is that any mistakes at stage 1 get punished hard, cut them down or out completely and any player should have a decent time.


No they didn’t… They simply made his weak spot smaller. They didn’t actually fix the double damage bug


It has nothing to do with starting my hypothesis of the game being imbalanced based on winning or losing. It’s the sad fact that it takes too much work to kill them at stage 2 because it takes only 1-2 mistakes for the monster during that battle and those 1-2 mistakes gives the hunters such a great advantage while the hunters can even make up to 15 mistakes and are able to brush them off like nothing and still win. And that’s not a fair fight. That’s my point. Like I said I was able to win against them but it was sad how you can’t outrun that jetpack boost when the Sunny player has the recharge perk or capacity increase perk. That’s excluding the stasis or harps from the trapper and if they choose Val with tranqs, you’re that much more at a disadvantage. It’s just pathetic how this could happen. It isn’t how the game was supposed to be.


What I find dumb is how Crow can down slow the Behemoth for basically as long as he wants. And then if they have Val on the team too well then good luck…