My Opinions/Thoughts About: Deepest Dark


Okay, after seeing Caira get sucked into a portal in a horrible way. I’m gonna say these things about…… Deepest Dark.

  1. Queen Gorgon
    I think the hide of this so called “Gorgon Queen” might become a skin.

  2. The Eggs.
    Remember those Rocky eggs in Legacy Evolve? Well, the eggs return with a more egg-like appearance.

  3. It’s (kinda) like Aliens!
    The idea of multiple Gorgons now reminded me of that 1986 classic, “Aliens”.

Okay, so there’s my things I’ll say.


Pretty much a variation.
And pretty much not a skin.
Looking at the picture of her is violet.
And there’s a Gorgonception going on…
Do the challenge.
In game.
Nighthunter skins!!

Okay, now you’ll have to find the puzzle in this comment…


It says Paladin. That wasn’t a very good puzzle.