MY Opinions on Lennox #MakeLennoxGreatAgain


Again, like I said in my Crow thread, these are purely my opinions on Lennox after the update. I do not state these as facts, nor do I think I’m completely right. People have different experiences than I, and I understand that. This is purely me, vocalizing my opinions.


TL;DR She’s UP due to her lack of damage.

Before the update, Lennox was my go to Assault. She was fun to play as, hard to play as, fun to play against, and did great damage. Three of those statements still stand. I still find her to be a highly enjoyable character to play as. Her Lance is satisfying and the Thunderstrike is still super fun to use.

She’s still fun to play against too. No matter the Monster I pick, whenever I see Lennox I know I’m in for a enjoyable experience. She doesn’t feel nearly as cheap as the other assaults. Making her an up close and personal character sets her up this way. I don’t have to worry about mortars raining down on my head. I don’t have to worry about mines that will take away few health bars if I accidentally walk into them. I don’t have to worry about constantly being in gas. I don’t have to worry about a rocket coming out of nowhere and hitting me, stopping me from feeding. She just feels fair.

This also makes her highly enjoyable to play as. I don’t feel like a cheap bastard for using her. Nothing about her kit screams OP or cheap. It’s all fair. Her AA gun does good damage from range while staying accurate, just like it should. Her Lance only does real damage if the Monster allows it. The Thunderstrike is just stupid fun but it also had great strategy behind it. She’s a complex character with so many things going on that the only way for you to be effective with her is by knowing everything about her. In my opinion, that’s what makes her great.

But now to what doesn’t make her great. People might call this a rework, I call it a nerf. The recent change to the Lance is what I’m talking about. Gone are the days of the 4X multiplier. Gone are the days of extremely high, but extremely risky, burst damage. Gone are the days of Lennox being viable. You might be thinking, “It’s only a 60 damage difference in the end. Can’t really make that much of a difference.” will that’s where I think you’re wrong. With just 5 hits of the “4X” damage, I was doing 300 more than I am now. That’s absolutely huge. In just 4secs, I was doing 300 more damage than I am now. That really stacks up.

I’d be fine with theses changes if one thing was done to slightly counter act them, that would be a range buff. I’m fine with doing this amount of damage, but I’m not OK with putting myself at such a risk for it. Before the update, I was fine with running up to the Monster and dealing big damage. I knew I ran the risk of getting pounced or comboed to death, but that was with the damage reward I knew I’d receive. Now, it simply isn’t worth it. So, to reinstate my suggestion, either keep the damage she has now and add a few meters to the Lance or drop the damage some more and give her even more range.

So in conclusion, I do think what they did with Lennox was 100% a nerf. I don’t think the damage she has now is worth it, so I’m more than likely going to be only playing Parnell from here on. She is still fun to play as, but that doesn’t make her viable. A range buff would be highly appreciated even at the trade off of less damage.


My opinion of her is that she didn’t eat her Booty-O’s.

They make sure, you ain’t booty.


I’d rather make the range shorter at the 4x of the lance. This makes it harder to keep the 4x if the monster moves away.


As would I, but I don’t see that as something the Devs would do. They seem set on lowering damage for the assaults. Cory said something about this, giving it a slight possibility of a range buff.


I forgot the poll again.

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They nerf assault damage but buff monsters.



Yes they do. I think it’s better for the game.

  • They made the Plasma Lance slightly less exponential.
    I would be fine with that, if not for the risk not being reduced. At the moment, reaching Lennox’ max stacked Plasma Lance output is less rewarding than it was when she was released, however it’s still just as risky.
    If the devs want to make it slightly easier for new players to “get fisting” and to have her be effective against other Monsters than just Goliath - that’s fine. But a range buff should’ve accommodated that imo.
    Not to mention that every Assault has a secondary for lower, safer damage output. The less rewarding they make the Plasma Lance, the more obsolete it becomes.
    I fully understand that her Plasma Lance was too dependent on the Monster pick for reaching max damage, but it needs to be rewarding enough to outweigh the risks over the safety of just shooting the AA gun from a distance.

  • Lennox makes obvious flaws more obvious.
    Not to bash on the developers here, but Lennox does actually present all kinds of frustration to the player.

  • The AA gun has an absurdly large clip size but long reload time. Does that really work in a game where every weapon will autoreload? No. Lennox players constantly need to deal with this delay after Thunder Strike during which they can’t shoot. It’s a big problem.

  • Thunder Strike is one of the clumsiest abilities in Evolve. It’s a miniature Leap Smash after all.
    Lennox will get stuck on random tree branches that look fragile as all hell mid-air.
    Lennox will slide down a cliff after smashing into it because Hunters’ jetpacks frequently decide to… not climb.
    Lennox will rather often not land where her reticle indicated she would have.

  • Due to the range of the Plasma Lance, Lennox constantly reveals all kind of misc. bugs/frustration to the player. Melee attacks cancel out her jetpack momentum. Abilities hit you even though you thought you dodged them. Knockback is a constant problem to cope with.
    Her effective range of combat forces her to constantly deal with such causes for frustration.
    Basically, take every kind of known gameplay problems for the Hunters and make them 10 times as common per match. That’s what Lennox’ playstyle is.


I don’t think the problem resides in her playstyle, as playstyle dictates on the person behind her.



I personally have been like the new plasma lance damage, especially at one or two stacks. But at three and four it just doesn’t carry the same cool power it once had.


I think Lennox needs to be redone, she isn’t being the gorgon she knows she can be.


All jokes aside, do you really think she needs a rework?


For me no, maybe just a removal of the speed penalty when using the lance should be enough.


That was something I was going to suggest. Reduce the damage a bit again, give her more range, and add this to her and she’d be great again.


Put that in the title.


No, but I do think she needs some sort of change to make her viable against kraken and to a lesser extent, gorgon. I’m thinking something along the lines of removing the speed penalty or extra range on the lance. If this happened, Lennox can get more hits with her lance and would make up for lost damage from her 4x multiplier readjustments.

Edit: Damn spellchecker.


It would be accurate if it was a shotgun. Sorry, but I don’t feel like it is a precise weapon. Also shooting in bursts is not really an option due to the delay before shooting. In addition to that it is not a hitscan weapon, which means a small amount of leading the target is nessesary, which will not always be succesful.

I call it a buff.

That would make it 8 hits, 2100 damage vs 2340 is also just a 240 difference. This also means that the Monster ignored you for at least 9.6 seconds, while the last 5 hits are 6 seconds, not 4.
If the Monster ignores you for almost 10 seconds, you would win anyways.
If the Monster does not ignore you and you get only 2 and 3 stacks, you get 80 or 60 more damage. And this is what really stacks up over time.

… against Monsters who just let you punch them. Against everybody else it was a buff (AC aside, that was a nerf).

Sorry, but if you are going to complain, complain with the actual facts: A hit with the lance lasts 1.2 seconds, not 0.8 (that is the time of a missed hit). Getting 4 hits does just as much damage as before. Getting only 1, 2 or 3 hits does more damage than before. The average Monster will not ignore you for 10 seconds.

Criticism aside, I agree with a range buff to the Plasma Lance.




Maybe give her old CD on thunderstrike? or make thunderstrike’s damage dependent of her Plasma Lance’s stacks?