My opinions on Hunt 2.0

While I do like some things about Hunt 2.0, there are some things I would like to see changed. I like the fact that when you play you need to have a full team to start, which makes it so you no longer are forced to play with bots, but it causes way to many problems with matchmaking. I would like it if bots were worked on more instead, so that having a bot on the team is not a bad thing anymore, which would involve making the bot hunting and dodging much better. In terms of the ranked matchmaking, I like getting matched with people closer to my rank (which doesnt happen often) and think its better than getting randomly matched with people, I hate how important it feels now to win. I liked it when this game was more casual, and while winning mattered, it didnt make it feel like you actually lost something when you lose. I would say the best way to fix this is by making the ranking system more passive, maybe not even telling you your rank, but instead automatically ranking you with people with a similar skill level. I really dont like the new role picking system, the only way for a system like that to work well is if for every monster player there is 4 hunter players which isnt the case.

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I would like an estimated waiting time to be displayed.


I should like not to be paired with new players or players who just dont care to play their role. The most frustrating thing about this game is a trapper who will not throw a dome even if the monster is in their face or a medic who thinks hes rambo. Im soooo tired of these gamers. Im jstuck at silver skilled because of it.
I dont have premade team because no one i know plays this game. So im stuck in pubs and its just awful playing with some of these folks. I try to be understanding. But losing 30 points for 4 games loss and winning 6 for 5 game wins is just ridiculous.
/end rant

I just played has a hunter (Bucket :smile:) and the damn medic didnt even bother to heal anyone. She was just shooting Napalms up in the air from her ass. LIKE REALLY. We got murdered

This is why I try to play solo, but then there are problems with the bots :fearful:
I have another thread talking about the bots though, im hoping they get worked on.

Seems like your fault actually…

While I’d like to see the bots improved as well, I imagine that’s probably a lot of work. I think my biggest issue with Hunt 2.0 right now is how those points are determined. I lose all my progress pretty often.

With Hunt 2.0…I do enjoy the match quality but as we all know the wait times is a drag (for monsters) hunters I have no problem. So when I do get into a match, I’ll see that level and will be excited because I know that the match will be a challenge and will only help me get better and see what I can improve on/see where I went right.
If I see bronze though, I look at it as a opportunity to have a little more fun with the hunters and relax and little…try some new things out.
I look at it as quantity vs. quality, more matches with most of them being easier with a chance of a intense match here or there. Or long wait times now, but more intense close matches when you do get placed into match.

They have been improving the bots with almost every title patch. I would expect some further improvement, but I would not expect a miracle. The bots biggest shortcomings are poor positioning relative to other hunters, lack of coordination, and mediocre performance in their role. All of these are going to be tough to work on because they require the bots to make assumptions about their opponents actions and react and adjust accordingly. This game involves complex decision making and there is only so much programming and computer resources to devote to hunter AI.

Add a vote option to start a match with 3 people, id rather be in a premade with a single bot that can be hotswapped to when needed than having to wait for a friend to maybe come online or play with someone who hurts themself in confusion everytime they try to use the controller