MY Opinions on Crow


What I plan on doing is making individual threads pertaining to each character that I feel has had the biggest impact on the game. So, I thought to start off with my boy Crow. These are purely my opinions and my thoughts on Crow. I do not say these are facts nor do I say anyone else’s opinions are wrong.

TL;DR Crow is a little too powerful.


From the 22 games I got to play as Crow last night, I feel that I can safely express my opinion. I thought, before the patch, that he’d be rather lack luster but easier to use. The ladder still stands. He’s a lot easier to play now. Landing shots with the stasis shot is really easy and there isn’t as much decision making when using the tool. The charged shots don’t last as long but the single shot makes up for this in a big way. I’m no longer just spamming charged shots and am actually shooting single shots between my rotations.

The KLR is also in the same boat. It has almost no recoil now, making it incredibly easy to land headshots. Even with the changes to the zoom on the weapon, I still feel no need to. With that single change to recoil, hipfire has become vastly more useful.

Now with the “big” stuff. With all that being said above, I find it a lot easier to play Crow and play him effectively. Even though the charged stasis time decreased, I find it a lot easier to do my rotations. Eight seconds was a lot of time before, six seconds is still a lot. I might have to be quicker on my rotations, but I find it a lot easier to keep the Monster in stasis while doing damage.

The main reason behind this has to be the radius of the stasis shot. Increasing it to size it is now makes it so easy to land shots. In all the matches I played, I totaled over 3mins and 30seconds on each match, with each match lasting about 10-14 minutes. That’s almost 1/3 to 1/4 of the entire game time that the Monster is slowed. That’s absolutely huge.

It’s a lot easier to do damage too. Before the patch, I could average 8,000 to 9,000 damage in an average match, 16-20mins, now I’m doing that much damage in half the time. I had a match yesterday where I did 2 and 1/3 health bars of damage, through armor, to a stage one Goliath. That’s a lot of damage.

So in conclusion, I feel that Crow got vastly better from both a pro and “noob” standpoint. His shots are easier to land, making it easier to be effective with him. There’s a lot less decision making when using the stasis gun and the KLR accuracy buff made it a lot easier to do damage.


I didn’t say anything about Gobi because I feel that the change to him didn’t effect much.


I just had a fight a moment ago against the following comp with Kraken: Crow, EMET, tech Sgt. Hank and Hyde. And I have to say, EMET and Crow are harder to fight against, although I did manage to sneak my way out when I felt the heat and managed to stage up to 3, I still lost :sob: (I never played a lot against EMET, I underestimated his buoys)


Emet I’m going to talk about. He’s really good now.


On topic though…it sounds like they’re positioned him in to a good space if what they’re trying to do is increase picks. From there they can better balance him.


Which is what I hope they do. I still like Crow a lot and with this update I like him a lot more. I’m actually hoping for a nerf.


I forgot to include a poll!

  • Crow is OP
  • Crow is Balanced
  • Crow is UP

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Crow’s been balanced for me for a really long time, it’s just that he was harder to use in a rewarding way than, say, Abe or Maggie. The previous update pushed him to the very edge of a comfortable level, but he’s much better now IMO. Easier to use, but not too powerful and skill is still rewarded relatively well.


I think it all depends on the person behind the character.


Doesn’t it always?


Lol Crow is Balanced at 100%


Yeah, which is why these are purely my opinions.


I’m glad people think he’s balanced. Means I’m in the minority and shows that my opinions and thoughts don’t directly correlate with those of others. I think it’s a good thing.


I think Crow is balanced and always has been, but making him a little easier to use for players does kind of further make Abe… obsolete, for lack of a better word.

Abe is a character that has barely been touched since release and sadly he’s now at a spot where other Trappers do everything better. The pressure with the dart gun is nice but Crow is good at pressure too.
Stasis? Crow does that too, and it’s now even easier to land than when Crow was released.
Damage then? Perhaps. Abe only does a tiny little bit more damage than Crow, but that’s only from an unsafe distance. Crow can deal his full damage potential just fine from 100m away. Abe can not.

The only thing Abe had going for him lately was ease of use in combat. Crow’s taking that away from him.
I would love to see Abe’s pressure aspect buffed or at least more shotty damage considering you’re dangerously close to the Monster when maximizing its damage output.

Wonder how many mentions of Abe we’re gonna see in the TU9. For now, I think he’s a little underwhelming, but Crow (when viewed standalone) is definitely at a nice spot right now.


I’d take Abe over Crow if I’m not feeling confident on my aim game.


I feel like that’s the difference. Abe is a less accuracy orientated Crow. Not saying that’s a good thing, not saying it’s a bad thing either.


I know as Abe I can throw those nades down and I can concentrate just on putting damage in. As Crow I need to be thinking about my rotations and positioning much more. Not saying he’s easier to play, but he’s probably more reliable in what his returns are.


I’m gonna go off topic and then back on topic with a question and a statement with one post

Did you change your PFP?

I haven’t really played Crow or the Macropatch as I need my dad’s password to log onto Steam :frowning: Glad to see he’s still balanced


Yes I did.

I’m glad people see it that way.