My opinion regarding the current game version


So it is pretty simple: There are lots of people complaining about the monsters being too OP, and others complaining about the hunters.
There are a lot of new players in the game and the skill needed to play the monster well is much inferior to the ones needed to play the hunters.
Someone who played goliath in the tutorial is pretty much able to kill all the 4 hunters, even if they have been playing for a little while
The main problem with this? Communication.
Someone who plays monster plays by himself and decides everything they have to do. But the hunters need to communicate - which doesn’t happen.
I have already hit level 15 and I haven’t found anyone using a microphone or writing in chat, which is kinda annoying
Another issue is that no hunter has an explanation video, which might make people not understand it when they are playing it.

So my recommendations are:

  • Improve each hunter’s description and add a advantages/disavantages of playing it
  • Add a system that shows the team synergy (there are pretty much website who do it, but they take time and everyone needs to be checking these manually). The system would be something like: damage, the ability to chase the monster, shields, something like that
  • Add a better in-game chat or partner with a VoIP company like discord so that people can create like instant rooms when they join a game with their partners if they want
  • Also improve each monster description and explain how its abilities work
  • Get the old gamemodes back! Or people joining it for being F2P will just get annoyed because it gets the same thing.

If you have any suggestions or don’t like my opinions, talk about them in this topic so that we can discuss it and help the devs do their work better


This is a top idea, nice work :slight_smile:


pretty sure they are working on balancing them