My opinion on water not putting out Hunter fire


So 9.0 is said to remove how hunters can put out fire by walking in water. If it’s not true than a mod can pop-it lock-it polka-dot it.

Maps are said to have “good and bad places to fight for both monster and hunters.” This means caves could be monster op where Hank can’t drop orbitals, medic can’t heal because of collective team damage, etc.

Well now MG has an advantage on every map now. Where water is located is considered a “bad place to fight” for monster. Just like how caves are bad for hunters.

An example would be Avairy and the tunnels that can easily corral hunters. To counter that, the relay is surrounded by water. It’s a give-take sort of balance.

By removing the put-out hunters it disrupts the balance of monster and hunters op fighting zone. Plus, it only effects a few maps, because not every map has water.


To be fair, that water around that Relay in Aviary was as much, if not more, a trap than a boon vs. Fire. The Water slowed you down, was littered with Tyrants, Blitzers and Mammoths that would respawn mid-fight (Well, not the Tyrants hehe), taking the time to actively douse myself usually ended me in more trouble than if I just took my licks from the ticking damage. Damn opportunistic monsters leaping on the guy not on a ledge!

I see the change as a sort of wash. Most Hunters avoid water anyways, fire or no, as getting caught in it and the subsequent “snare” usually ended up with you taking far more damage than not putting yourself out, but on other certain maps, like for example, Medlab, with its narrower, shallow river, did occasionally help vs a Fire-DoT Monster.

I’m all for the change, personally, seeing that it was a bummer to cut an ability’s potential for a bit of realism whenever it did come up, but I’ll wait to see it in practice before I give a solid Yeah or Nay :smiley:


I’m not sure what to think.

A part of me wishes they didn’t do this because “muh realism”, but on the other hand…

  • Acid sounds more dangerous than fire but you can just take a quick swim in there to douse fire in the current build

  • You’ll die faster to drowning than to the actual damage that acid inflicts


It hurts MG far too much to have his fire put out by water. Even with this change as he currently is he will still suck but it’s something. The realism argument doesn’t work for me as balance is far more important but having a huge monster blast fire onto you and then you put it all out by walking in ankle deep water? Doesn’t make sense to me from a realism standpoint.


Something to note: Water also puts out fire damage that hunters do to the monster.
It effects MG just as much as a Waggie, Hyde, TechHank combo.
So at least that part is balanced.


how the hunters will be ‘‘soon’’


Does TechHank do fire stacks? I didn’t know that.

I feel that jumping in the water to put out fire was a risk/reward thing. The times where a burning player jumped into water to extinguish himself ony to be punished buy a rock throw while their mobility is down always gave me a warm fuzzy feeling and I’m worried about being on the recieving end of it.
I shall mourn the loss of this small meta.


His orbital does fire damage.


Then they should fix the acid. Or make the acid amplify the fire damage.


Why? Acid isn’t gas lol. Only a couple acids are flammable (might be one of the acids in game who knows)

Also… aaaaciiiid


Gives a reason to stay out of acid. Imo, this is shear.


I thought acid damaged everyone. Any extra damage is reason enough for me. Especially at higher level play. It may not be decimating, but debilitating is enough.


Meteor goliath now has consistency on every map.

This dot is supposed to BE what makes MG, Meteor Goliath. Allowing the hunters the capacity to completely and utterly negate the entire concept of what makes this monster special because theyre standing in ankle-deep puddles is far more than simply “fighting in good places vs bad places”- Its bad game mechanics, plain and simple. Its important to keep in mind the context of what exactly meteor goliath is TRADING for this dot. This damage isnt simply “icing on the cake” damage you go “well thats nice” when it works. You are trading some very serious, VERY important, game changing up front damage for this dot- A dot which does NOT stack, with concurrent abilities only refreshing the dots duration-timer, with some abilities trading cooldowns to do this. In some cases this is extra damage ability for ability, but in MOST cases, combo for combo, this is LESS damage than original goliath, where the hunters have 6 seconds ot react- 6 seconds to get the medgun out, 6 seconds to lob healing grenades, 6 seconds to unload a healing-burst shotgun, 6 seconds to shield.

The hunters should not have the means to mess with that- And certainly not because their socks are slightly wet.

Even WITH this change- Meteor goliath, without other changes, WILL be and IS weaker than Vanilla Goliath.


The realism question is obsolet. some chemical will turn the fire instantly on.