My opinion on griffin s harpoons


i think the range is just way too long, and the fact that it increases the stamina recovery in compensation is a pathetic excuse with behemoth, even in combat mode his recovery is too long to use his roll with the best efficiency and also there is the fact that his roll needs to accelerate to even have a chance to escape far enough, it s just not fair, especially if you put in the combos to make griffin more powerfull as a deny hunter


what if it works only 30% of the time ? or behemoth s only escape route is a uphill climb ? or maybe he s been slowed ? maybe he ran out of stamina and has to wait for it to recharge so eh can have a mininmum distance roll that s about as long as one jetpack boost then he has to wait again ? maybe by the time he does put a wall down he s been cornered or domed or both ?


Sorry, my bad for replying.


Bird Person does not agree


bird person makes me sad


Eh… /sigh…


It’s a single shot poon that’s easily broken though, Griffin is really not that threatening of a trapper


If it didn’t have that much range, it would be a moot point. Maggie’s traps would be flat out better. But yes, Griffin is an excellent counter to Behemoth.

Good thing they can’t see what you pick beforehand, huh?


I watched a sunny Griffin team just destroy a running wraith to the point it was completely neutralized


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moot point.
[/quote]Moot Poont.


I see what you did there…


I believe the harpoons are fine as they are. That’s griffins strong suit in my opinion.


When I use griffin harpoons they break instantly any ideas why it’s really annoying


Personally I think they need to make the harpoon better. I just don’t find him that useful (sorry Griffin fans lol)


Lately my harpoon hits haven’t been visually showing the tether. So I think it’s been broken, but I’m actually still holding on. Maybe that’s happening to you


Poons are fine. Behemoth stamina drain is not. That should be fixed so he can actually disengage without rock wall.


Griffinas poons are his calling card and there all ready weak. @crazybread101 Jetpack booster is broken


It’s not intuitive and there is no guide to explain them. But it is rather simple!

First, click and hold. Letting go of the button means you want to break the line and run away. Remember you do move slower while firing a weapon, and holding the harpoon counts. This matters if you need to dodge a rock aimed at you!

Second, the line is allowed to get shorter, not longer. And you have no direct control over the monster. Moving closer or having the monster move closer to you shortens the line. Back pedaling does not “reel him in”, it will break the line. There is a little bit of slack, though.

Third, while harpooned, the monster obeys the same rules of line length. If he tries to make the line longer, he will be stopped dead in his tracks. That’s why it’s so devastating to grab a Goliath just as he leaps. He can move towards Griffin, though, and shorten the line forcing him to break it or get hit.

It’s a bit odd at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really powerful. It’s about remaining a low priority target while the monster chases the Support or Medic and nabbing the monster as they begin to climb ledges or traverse, and buying them precious extra seconds to escape or heal.

I noticed a good Griff can force the monster to deal with him before even Hank or Caira because he literally cannot REACH them consistently enough to apply to enough pressure for a strike. Or at least not without paying a heavy price.

That said, Griff means no Crow. Who has that ridiculous bird and armor skipping weapon that slowly chops away at the monster’s health even while he’s fleeing and dang wouldn’t you know the weapon also applies stasis so that’s the perfect time to use it.