My opinion on Gorgon, Wraith and Behemoth


Hey there,

I just wanted to give my personal opinion on the monsters Gorgone, Wraith and Behemoth and give some suggestions on how to balance them a bit more. I am mostly playing monster and until recently I just played Gorgone because I love her playstyle. Until now I’ve got 27 wins and one defeat, which was due to an dc. I started to play the new Wraith yesterday and I’ve got 8 wins and 0 defeats.

I’ll start with my opinion on Gorgone. I think she is way too strong at the moment. It seems like the hunters only have a small chance of winning if they find you at stage one or while evolving and even then their chance of winning is pretty low especially if the hunters aren’t used to play together. So what makes her so strong? In my opinion it’s the acid spit and the spider trap. The acid spit deals an immense amount of dmg and the spider trap can basically remove one of the hunters for a short period of time from the fight. The fact that you can still harm the hunter that has been caught by the spider makes the trap so strong in my opinion because most hunters go down after they’ve been caught by the trap and then Gorgone only needs to use Acid Spit on the trapped hunter and a normal attack and the hunter is downed. Of course you can destroy the spider trap and free your teammate, but in most fights if you randomly place the trap into the group of hunters or near a downed hunter they won’t immediately destroy the trap.
Furthermore the Acid Spit deals a ton of damage and comboed with Web Snare your victim will lose about 3/4 of their life and a simple normal attack will do the rest.
I don’t have a lot to say about Mimic to be honest because I rarely skill it/use it. I think it’s just my personal preference but I never make much use out of using it. I know it can deal a lot of damage especially if you hit multiple targets, but I rather upgrade Acid Spit and the Spider Trap instead.
The thing I pit a little bit is that her gameplay doesn’t really feel that of a spider (laying traps for her prey and so on). I would really love to use her skill to stick to the wall more often, which I can’t because I just can’t use the skill on the mountains for example at the borders of the map and I don’t really understand why. It would be really awesome to lay a Spider Trap and then cling to the wall and wait for the hunters. The problem is that there are so few situations because you aren’t able to cling to the wall. I know it is kind of op at the map borders if you could cling to the mountains at an immense height, so I would suggest to implement a height limit for where you can cling to.

So here are some suggestions for improving Gorgone in my opinion:
-decrease the damage from Acid Spit
-make the victim of Spider Trap untargetable for Gorgone
-give Gorgone more chances to use the skill for clinging to the wall and surprise the enemy
-maybe give her a little bit less armor

Of course Gorgone would be too weak if you would do all of my suggestions for example she wouldn’t really be able to down anyone if she had decreased damage on Acid Spit and couldn’t target the victim of Spider Trap. As for Mimic I don’t really have any suggestions for it because I think of it as kind of useless so I would suggest replacing that ability with another one, but that’s just my personal preference so don’t mind it.^^


Okay now I’m getting to Wraith. I don’t really have that much of a experience with her to be honest since I just played her yesterday, but it felt like she is also way too strong right now. Since there are already other posts on Wraith I’ll keep this short.
Wraith is very mobile and with her Warp Blast used for mobility she can easily escape the hunters because she basically has 4-5 jumps to do so, but I don’t think that’s the problem on her since I feel like Wraith should be all about stealth and mobility.
Instead of many others I love to skill Abduction because it allows me to break the hunters group formation, keep downed hunters down by dragging them away from their teammates or just picking of high priority targets.
Decoy is in my opinion the skill that makes Wraith so strong at the moment. It is dealing quite some damage and it’s kind of hard to seperate from the real Wraith in the fight, which again is in my opinion is good because as I said she’s the type to confuse the enemy and use this distraction to pick of the high priority targets like the medic. So the problem in Decoy is in my opinion the damage and the fact that you can use Supernova to boost it. By boosting Decoy with Supernova you can deal an immense amount of damage to a target and that’s why I like to abduct somebody use Supernova and Decoy and just melt him because nobody can really survive that even when shielded except for the Assault when he has his damage reduction on.
Supernova is quite the good skill, but I wouldn’t call it op because it’s your main damage output and doesn’t really hold for too long.

So here are some of my suggestions:
-Decrease the damage output from Decoy
-Decoy shouldn’t be boosted by Supernova
-Decrease the armor of Wraith so that she’s more squishy


I didn’t play Behemoth too much in the new version because after the one game (I barely won) I just felt like not playing him anymore (In the previous version Behemoth was kind of my main). This feeling was mostly because I had a really hard time to hide from the hunters. That’s because Behemoth has compared to Wraith or Gorgone no traversal skill, that let’s you easily escape. Of course you can roll away, but you’re leaving a path of destruction and flames, which isn’t really hard to follow and you are so slow when you’re sneaking that you can’t just roll a bit and then sneak somewhere else. For the rest I think Behemoth is pretty much balanced but in my opinion Behemoth is now way harder to play than Gorgone or Wraith even though his difficulty is on easy and Wraith is challenging.

Well that’s it for my personal opinion and I hope you can use it somehow. Don’t take my opinion on Behemoth too serious because as I said I didn’t play him too much so the impression I got those few games I might just have been unlucky.


Wow, I play gorgon and once, I actually agree with these suggestions because there are realistic and you actually propose something to improve. I think too that she should have more chance to cling and ambush the enemy. It’s suppose to be her playstyle and right now, it is veru hard to set up a good ambush. Mimic should also be replaced or heabily modified because it is not very useful. For the rest, I think these are all great suggestions!


Thanks mate, always glad to hear that :wink:


Good post, I agree with the idea of slight nerfs, but not all of them together.

So far im like 25-1 as monsters, with 2 losses due to DC/Crashing :frowning:
I cant tell im just doing well, there are a lot of new players, balance issues, or a little bit of all of it.


lol wraith is already squishy, read shin post about it, with the right comp you can kill her easy. Gorgon is another theme.


Yeah, i feel like a team needs to know what to do against Wraith.
Shes not OP, shes just an assassin. If the monster can outplay in any sort of decent way, she’ll win. At that point she deserves it.
Its easy to down a wraith


Hehe … large number of fresh-new players can make miracles: monster players asking for monster nerfs … wow ! :sunglasses:

I bet in a month or so, when hunters learn how to play, all monsters start to whine about being sooo UP … :grinning:


Wraith is incredibly OP at the moment, and she is going to be adjusted, as the devs see it too.

The Shin post even alludes to that you need a great experienced premade team to down even the most average wraith player. Also he says only ONE trapper works against wrait.

Sounds balanced…


yeah, i have the same thought. Killed lots of wraiths with friend and with random partys, if the nerf bad the wraith, no one is going to play it anymore, wasting the silver used in it (wich is lame at the moment the amount gained), and we are going to lose a fun monster. I hate more the gorgon at the moment.


and tell me how do you do a right comp in blind pick.If you need a right comp to kill her only one comp that mean the monster is overpowered that mean that skill doesnt matter


behemoth… purchaseble… please


Yeah I understand you, but at the moment he’s from my point of view compared to Gorgone or Wraith pretty weak and not that much fun to play. I really hope that this will change soon. :slight_smile:


Yeah but I can’t see how you loose with Gorgone even if the hunters are premades and good. She has so much damage that she can burst everything even if all of the hunters focus on keeping the targeted person alive (medic). But of course I think that Spider Trap isn’t that strong against advanced players because they know how to handle it.


most of the hunters works on her, sunny for me is the best supp, rogue val works on all the situations, trapper abe or the crow guy with stasis, i dont like common hank for her. Im new in this game, never played it before, now i played as monster and hunter, im not asking an easier game like a lot of people who want to kill the monster just with the look. You must earn the kill, practice. People complain about monster being op, others hunters being op (is a different game or what?)… no they just have more skill than you, thats all, a mistake can cost you the match.


You know, when I play now against all these new players - actually with ANY monster - I cannot imagine how was it possible (before Evolve Stage 2), that it was sooo hard to win against Silver+ premade hunter teams.

But I do remember those matches… That feeling how squishy my Gorgon (or anything non-Kraken) was agaist them… and I suspect it will repeat soon. Just let the hunter players catch some skills … and coordination. :slight_smile:


ive seen 15 consecutive won with wraith i think they need to do public statistics to the community see the win rate in all monsters and hunters. if you play against a good wraith player theres nothing you can do for winning 0% chance


Very well thought out. Check.

Actual good points Check

Suggestion I love - (More cling available spots in maps)

One I majorly dislike - (Spider Trap Victim untargetable)

Some others I’m ‘iffy’ on - (Decrease damage from Acid Spit), (Giving Gorgon less armor)

Not too sure on the Wraith though. I’m don’t main her and tbh she actually felt wonky compared to this update. Like her melees feel off or something. But almost every Wraith I versed I killed and the small amount of times I played her I won and I never used Decoy in a way that I thought made it OP. Like I’d be having the hunters after me and I’d send it after them but in combat it seemed rather weak to me but again, I do not have enough time with her to make, what I consider, a valid statement upon her status as well as the rest of the monsters. Like the only time the Decoy seemed OP to me is when the team would stay bunched up and take the beating while I’ll be hammerin on them. But in my eyes, since they stayed and took the beating and not even dodge, they should’ve been punished for it.

But all in all, this is a good thread. Rusty approves :smiley:


Yeah the thing with the Spider Trap came more from my personal experience and could be false because I only played Quickplay and I guess I have been matched with other solo players who couldn’t coordinate themselves and therefore couldn’t react to a teammate being trapped as fast as advanced players might have. I just wanted to give some suggestions that you could take into consideration because I felt that it wasn’t enough to just say “yeah, give her less armor and a bit less damage”, but of course this could be wrong. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah I’m not bashin your statement. I read it and it actually had relevant and unique attack points on the less ‘known’ areas of Evolve. You think differently and I like it :thumbsup: