My opinion about the wraith , why he's so strong and what could/should be changed about him



The wraith is at the moment just extremely strong. He has the so much damage ,
way too much armor and he’s extremely fast. He’s able to jump effectively 4 times in a row , which is more than enough to get out of a hunters range to trap him. Then his doppelgänger-skill is way too strong , because its doing (my opinion) way too much damage and you cant really difference between the doppelgänger and the wraith. (in a fight of course)
The wraith is atm just able to keep the hunters until stage 2 away and then hes just able to pick one after another apart.
I’m OK with the damage of the wraith and what hes doing and how fast and agile he is , but he has way too much armor. Way too much. It just takes too long to chew through it and deal then permanent damage to him.
He should be more like an assasin , moderate HP , low armour and a good damage output.

You guys SHOULD DO: - decrease the armor of the wraith extremely
- make a big visual difference of his doppelgänger
- decrease the damage of the doppelgänger

Another reason , why hes considered OP
is , because noone can difference between the normal wraith and the
doppelgänger , because the doppelgänger is also capable of using the
ability supernova etc. And is dishing too much damage out , so you can
not difference between them. Not visually , (only if you use the normal
wraith skin) and not even through their behaviour (in combat of course
-> when theres a wraith charging on you out of nowhere its most
likely just a doppelgänger , but even the doppelgänger is capable of
taking half of your HP away)
I do NOT say he’s unbeatable , but his skill-gap is extremely low. You just have to spam every key to win witht this beast.

Nontheless: The thing you guys really have to do is to decrease his
armour by at least 800 points , (2bars) maybe 1200 points (3bars) . More
would put him out of game.

To the other skills: A big think with fighting against the wraith is ,
he’s knocking back like a boss. I’ve seen it now many times , that he
just killed our medic while everyone was there , shielding him etc. The
only thing what the wraith did: 1 teleport explosion and supernova on.
Theres way too much knockback through the explosion , way too much.
The range is maybe too high too. What you
could do is to change the explosion to a local skill (kind like of the
elder kraken) and not to a jumpskill (which is it now) , BECAUSE you
just can jump effectively 4 times. Everything else is fine , but I
think these thinks SHOULD be changed. BUT this is just MY OPINION about
the wraith.


the Wraith is OP because if you played in the original beta/early part of the full game the Wraith decoy could attack along with the wraith, so they toned it down and still was to strong, so they changed it so when the wraith attacked or did anything the decoy would despawn, but with the update they added that back in, and behold wraith is back to OP.


1: The TRS team is working on fixing Wraith to be less powerful so thank you for you input :slight_smile:

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Yep, as Spec’ said, they are deploying a patch to tweak wraith, supposedly in SN and Decoy.


Yeah , but I remember the wraith in the old Evolve with less armour. I’ve played many games against the wraith now and I had from idk like 20 games against him like 15-16 lost and we won like 4-5 (we=full premade team with everyone in ts3). And we only won , because the players just did incredible stupid things , like evolving 50m away from the hunters or something like this. But every other wraith-player just kept jumping away (with his 4th “jump” too) until Stage 2/3 .


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don’t get me wrong i enjoy playing the wraith as i did before i took a break from the game, but when i have to use little effort to score a win kinda takes the fun out of playing the monster, why im just sticking with behemoth till the changes come in.


But it should take effort to win a game. Idk how strong the behemoth is right now , I’ve only played him once since the update , but it generally should take some effort to win a game. I mean you have to think about the characters , who you’re giving a strike and who you’ll try to take out etc. On the other side it should take effort to win as a hunter , which is currently so. If you don’t put enough effort into the game as a hunter , you’ll loose the round.


No it couldn’t? During the open beta way back when wraith decoy was invisible and any attacks or abilities revealed it but it could still traversal. It also hit like a truck if it managed to land a hit.


IWannaBeATiger is right. She was never capable of using attacks nor abilities while invis. However, she never flashed when hit, could Blink while invisible, and could eat corpses. And in the end, before TU9, only two of those things were changed.


the original beta the wraith decoy was OP because you turned invisible lol