My OC inspired by Kala


She is from fanfic I’m currently writing. What do you think?



At first glance she imm. has appeal but she has a lot going on… Hourglass , cyborg, feels like a spin on a queen of spade. but i do like how it seems the augments are killing her biological areas… shows an inner turmoil.


She is something of a scary character like Khala.


Actually, it’s the other way around. Those mechanical parts are keeping her body together and alive. Though the body is only a shell; an evil spirit took over young princess centuries ago.


It sounds like a type of self sacrifice to keep going. what is her alignment?


While the spirit is immortal, the body not so much. It is trying to keep it together, but even the strain on the body from its power is too much.


She does have that “I will rule with an iron fist” feeling.