My noob stories and Evolve experiences today

I don’t have video footage. But I’ll set the scene:

I got into a match with mostly level 40 or above 30-ish players. I first played hunt and got to stage 2, and got killed (they did very good with the turrets and after this, I think Hyde needs a nerf lol). But what I want to write about was the Arena match. It was Broken Hill Mine. They went for Hyde and Lazarus, and I believe Abe and Sunny. First round Hyde melted my health but I was able to kill Laz and get Hyde separated enough that I killed him, but not without losing a lot of health (less than 2 bars left.) I circled around a bit and tried to killthe Trapper and Support, but couldn’t do either. 2nd round, I was able to take down Laz and the Trapper, but Sunny and Hyde were still around. Tried to get armor, but no wildlife was around. It might’ve ended differently if I had hit one of them with a pounce while the other was away. But I missed the pounce and and somehow Hyde came from behind me and started his flamethrowing crap again. I was focusing on the other Hunter and thought I was in the clear, when Hyde throws a toxic grenade while flaming me and by the time I dodge, the DOT kills me.

They were better hunters than I am used to, but I was kind of happy to have nearly beaten them both times. Still, I feel kind of pissed about it, mainly because I’ve lost 90-95% of my matches today (in this game and The Last of Us). For some reason, I had the luck to meet Krakens and even Goliaths who were strangely good at fighting and one Kraken, even at stage 1, was thrashing the team when I late joined. Tried my best to help, but he kept killing us and letting one escape so he could do it again. One time for each stage (1-2-3) and then I had the luck to be the last hunter alive the 3rd time. I went invisible and tried to run away when it ran out and then he vortexed me and ended the match. Never imagined I’d find a player who toyed with hunters while I struggle with every hunter team…

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Fine by me. Wasn’t sure where to put it. But thanks for the info.

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