My Narrative: How Evolve influenced my social life

Greetings fellows, I’m here to share with you a story. This story shapes the very way I view and use the social aspects of video games. This is but a single portion of the story, if you wish to view the rest, you may do so here. To make a long story short, this post is one of a series that details the way I was able to maintain a healthy social life after being removed from public school. This post is the fourth in the story, and some parts of it may not make sense if you haven’t read the first three. Overall though, it should be able to stand alone. Probably.

For a good portion of Evolve first stage, it was a game I played alone. Which sucked cause I was not only a hunter, I was a medic. My brother, who also played during this time, was a support. Unfortunately we couldn’t play together due to only owning one PS4. Later in the game’s life span (approximately when Evolve complete edition came out), my family purchased a PS4 pro and a second copy of Evolve. Now me and my brother could play together. When we began playing together is about the same time we started joining with other hunters, such that we could have a full team in the voice chat. Boy, we played Evolve constantly when that happened. Since none of my friends that had a PS4 were interested in the game, I stopped playing other games with them because I was playing so much Evolve. And since we stopped playing games together, we more or less stopped talking at all. But it got to the point that I played so much I got burnt out and frustrated with the game’s flaws.

When they announced Stage 2 I simply decided to stop playing and start again when it went F2P on PC. So after about 6 months of extremely limited contact with all my friends, I returned to my old social group. By the time Stage 2 rolls around, I had convinced some of them to try it out with me. Much like my experience with TF2, only my best friend stayed and consistently played Stage 2 with me.

There’s really not much to say after that. We got a few months of solid play time in, but my friends interest in the game was not near that of me and my brother. We got burnt out again a few weeks after Glacial Behemoth came out, and then we played off and on until the servers shut down.

As much as I want to talk about how this game is my favorite, and how nothing has been able to fill that Goliath footprint shaped hole in my heart since, that is a story for another day.

Again, this is but a portion of a larger work. If you want to see that you can do so here. The role of Evolve in this story is to show a period of intense passion and gradual decline. Also it shows just how integral playing games was to staying in contact with my friends.


Welcome, Liam!

Thanks for sharing with us. I’m sure most of the people here can relate. Hopefully you’ll stick around!

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The only person I stay connected with is @SledgePainter anymore (and I enjoy it every second)


Too long a post to read, but +1 for whatever is written.

Your generosity truly knows no bounds.


This was a very interesting story to follow! You piqued my interest when you mentioned that you maintained a social life through online friendships while being homeschooled.

I went through a similar ordeal. I was homeschooled in a rural area, so the only way I could make friends was online. I was always told I was addicted to computers, but I dumped so much of my life into them because of the relationships I made online. It was like a second family to me.

I’ve lost many friends over the years, but I still maintain some of the most amazing friendships I’ve ever had to this day. They helped me grow into the person I am now and are a huge part of how I fostered my social skills, among other things. Our chapters continue on differently, but it is nice to see someone of similar sentiment when it comes to the situations we grew up with during the most socially important times of our lives.

Thank you for sharing your story and I wish you the best in your college ventures. :raised_hands:


Thanks for the reply! It is always good to see like minded folks such as yourself. I’m kind of shocked I got this kind of response from this post, as most of my other ones have been very quiet.


Yeah! It took me a while to get around to all of them, but I am glad I did. I love to hear about people’s stories. Finding someone to relate to is even better.


great to hear from you Liam!

any chance you got a hold of l4d2 as well? its a great game to meet people too.


I ended up getting it for free (there was a limited time deal or something, I don’t really remember). The rest of my friends did not. None of them showed any interest in purchasing the game and I had no specific interest in playing it, thus, nothing came of my free copy.

that’s alright, you can meet more people anytime there too. i’m in asia now , so i doubt we can play smoothly but i really did meet many friends and eventually met them in person. and many are expecting to meet, other countries, soon enough.

why i like l4d2 especially coop, cuz you’re focusing on doing good, protecting your team mates, and you’re forced to.
compared to other games, its killing the other person on screen. that’s how toxicity comes cuz its from the motive to ingame glory, they dont care about you. but a coop game, yes, glory in helping your team mates all you want.

The best friends I ever made I first met because he was drawing a Ghost from Halo, and I talked with him about it. It’s truly amazing the connections you can make through games.

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I can completely relate to this community shaped how social I’ve become as well as being a bunch of collective friends.

My story is shaped by how this game gave me a purpose to live by. Even though I don’t care about life or if I die, I live every day for my friends and family. However now I can tack on living for myself since transitioning was the right decision.

This game means so much to me even if 2K took it off life support.

Also sorry not sorry for the bump :sweat_smile: