My most difficult hunt yet in Evolve stage 2


holy fck i just got out of my most difficult game in this update, by a long shot too, so how it went out:

  • was monster, took goliath and went 2 rock throw 1 leap smash and 1 charge
  • was against Lennox, Jack, Sunny and the adaptation of Val
  • i run around the map tto stage up because i m not sure i can win a stage 1 dome, and i felt like i needed mah flame breath
  • evolve, and look for a fight, first fight went poorly, didn t manage to get anything done, but after the dome runs out i try to find wildlife to geet armor to fight again, second fight without the dome, i manage to down sunny two times
  • pretty much the entire was about many brawls and losing so much health to get sunny or anyone
  • now i managed to get sunny with 2 strikes, jack with two strikes and lennox with 1 strike, val was too hard to get
  • run away to evolve stage 3
  • get caught by lennox but i bait her shield, then i see jack so i go on him, he runs away but lennox is still behind me and in front i see sunny and val, so lennox is alone and i destroy her, i take this chance to down sunny and run away for armor
  • they regroup at the relay
  • we fight at the relay and i m losing a lot of health, kill sunny so they can t dome me, run away for armor, come back and managed to kill lennox and jack, trying to kill val, i pounce her but she stays alive long enough for the team to come back but without medic
    -i ve got half a bar of hp left, go full armor and fight
  • since they don t have any heals i easily destroy them
    god that was stressful in a good way