My monster theory -> "It wanted the Patterson Drive!"


So I was just farming Kala mastery on defend solo and completely ignoring the generators and lost of course, and Kala shouted out “it didn’t want the ship, It wanted the Patterson Drive!”, to which I got hyped because it goes with my theory.
Sorry if I end up ranting to much
again, this is theory and could likely be wrong in many ways

Basically I believe the monsters are from a far region of space, possibly even an alternate dimension; Humans use Patterson tech for FTL, which I think could cause a small tear in the monster’s dimension with each use, which would make sense why the monsters are appearing on planets on the outer rim, because FTL would need to be used much more to make it there.
Shear has also been stated to have a lot of natural resources that are worth a lot to hub and the like, so travel would be very frequent.

Caira has mentioned that the shells of the eggs could withstand inter dimensional travel, and appear not to be laid by any of the monsters seen so far on Shear; the monsters also appear to come through rifts, as on defend minions appear through new rifts, created when the Patterson field generator goes down.

I also believe the monsters to have a hive mind, which is kinda confirmed through Kala as she hears voices of the monsters when downed.
In addition to my li’l hive mind theory, if it WERE a hive mind, it would be a collective knowledge, perhaps feeding what ever kind of “Queen” they have.
So Kala splicing may of actually given them a HUGE injection of human knowledge, more than they already have; for example, defenses, colony locations, human biology, etc.

So Kala could of made a more fatal error than she realizes.

It’s just a theory I wanted to through out there, all comments are welcome, and if you have any input or you think I made errors, lemme know! :blush:
But nothing is impossible :lazarus_2:

Update! Time Jan 27 19:52 GMT

The Patterson Equation is used to calculate the strength of dimensional displacement, the bigger the object the bigger the displacement, warping and tearing through the dimensional fabric, the Patterson Equation code is also present in the monster’s HNA itself.

This would lead me to believe that perhaps all Patterson Tech is constantly hurting the monsters, making their collective mind, and goal to want to eradicate it.

Shear is located in Cherenkov space which is theorized to be alternate dimension, at the boundary of the “humans universe”; Caira believes that the monsters are also from Cherenkov Space, which would explain the quote from Kala when downed “The boundary of stability is wrong! We are the universe righting itself!” which @Valeofnight told me about.

I can assume that after the fall of Factor and the cover up, a corporation, possibly including Ebon Star; captured monsters and possibly worked out that the monster’s HNA contains the Patterson Equation and then researched ways to repeal them rather than abandon the much used Patterson tech.

The monsters are now lashing out towards Patterson tech, planning and adapting where necessary to an unknown extent.

well that’s my theory anyway, I shall keep digging and keep expanding, any info you can provide will help me piece together more bits of the puzzle.

2nd lil update
this was just inspired from a comment by @Seven02

@Seven02 “What if the monsters are simply a side effect of the Patterson tech?!”

Me: "A spawn from the dimensional influx?

OH my gosh that’s brilliant, a small error creating an artificial cell, growing from all the Patterson Effects… YES!

HNA, the HNA is speculated to be artificial DNA, so it could be an unintended and unknown product from the effect of the Patterson Technology!"

3rd update - Time Jan 29 22:35 GMT

this was in a reply to @Karuu, by the way thanks for the friendly comment “Okay, I am now completely convinced that you’re the current incarnation of the doctor”; loved that :grin:

Well, they lack a cerebral cortex and seem to make up for this with a hive mind, a whizzing network of shared knowledge and drive; I believe that the mental bridge would constantly be connected between all monster, using a kind of out of body mental synapse connection.
The way this could work is because the monsters have the Patterson Equation in their HNA, by default it seems, so they could, in theory, transmit their thoughts between each other instantly and constantly; but with humans using Patterson tech so much, maybe it interferes with the monster’s mental bridge.

Imagine that, every single FTL jump, every force field, generator; constantly jabbing the monster right in the brain!

please do comment, even if it’s small! :blush:

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So, it’s like she drifted with a Kaiju.


It’s a solid theory, The one where you state that the eggs are for interdimensional travel is one that has been bounced off the forums a lot before so that’s a thing. The hive mind is a theory that I’ve had for some time and am inclined to agree with.

have you stopped lurking now? Haven’t seen you around much but it says you’ve made an account a while back so I assume you lurk.


I agree with the hive mind because of Dialogue she provides. I also didn’t realize that support cloaks use patterson tech which is why the Monsters like to go after the supports (As mentioned also in Kala dialogue)


I had a large inactive period while I was making my manga and working on a visual novel project with my other half, and I kinda stopped posting ^^;
Then as you say, lurked around the forums for a while, but I decided to get active again! :smile:


Oh cool, I didn’t know that either :hushed:


Very interesting point about Kala indivertibly giving the monsters more info about humanity and its colonies. If true that means she has also revealed how much humanity actually knows about the monsters, so perhaps they could use said knowledge to alter themselves and effectively waste all the years of research so far.


I think Matt has denied any sort of “queen” or mastermind monster in the past.


There’s also something interesting Kala says to Abe. She says that they’re DNA is constantly changing and adapting. She thinks that each Monster has the ability to change into the other if necessary.


oh, I wasn’t aware of that, thank you! :blush:


Oh that sounds pretty interesting.

That’s good you stopped lurkin now, it’s no fun :stuck_out_tongue:


no worries, i think I had a similar theory a long time ago and Matt shut it down, it has been awhile though and my memory is fuzzy.


What about not a single entity as hive mind but all the monsters creating the hive mind? We can see that monsters attack the colonies with coordination like a swarm. In nature, swarms act like a single entity despite the swarm is composed by plurible entities. So we can actually consider all the monsters not as plurible entities on their own but a single hive entity.


It’s also important to note the HNA and DNA thing. The DNA would not bind to anything that was artificial, so DNA and HNA would not blend. Kala injected herself with Monster DNA and HNA then in made a bind. It than began taking over. Her own DNA was being replaced with the Monster’s.


Well is has been said that “The Host” is cannon and behind the fall of Factor too.
The Host


The Host is just a monster like the others, i don’t think that the host is a “mother monster”…more like a monster who carries eggs with it, not creating monsters.


Kala is wrong, the support cloaks don’t use Patterson tech, they use a portable Rajat-field, an abandoned precursor to the Patterson Effect.

It’s an easy mistake to make, Kala’s a microbiologist, not a particle physicist.


Hmm, true.

Perhaps the Host came through to Factor to start up like egg farm planet.


I recommend playing with Kala, Caira, and Lennox, see what you hear.


I will! Thank you sir!