My Monster Ideas!


First off, I fell in love with the game as soon as I played it.

I am just very worried that the game will not have very much content, I see this game easily having only 5-6 monsters and calling it done, but I hope to see a future with lots of monsters and hunters and maps.

These are just some Ideas that I think would be really cool, and not too terribly Imbalanced.
Let me know what you think!

Quadruped. Relatively slow and tanky, with two heads!

  • Can eat two animals at a time (or double speed one animal) (maybe .75x speed for two animals, 1.5x for one animal? more balanced?)
  • sprints for its mobile ability (has a charge meter instead of 3 charges, depletes to run fast, with good control, automatically jumps small gaps)
  • Can attack with very fast melee attacks (one two strike heads), not super strong, but overwhelming (maybe inflict slight poison?)


  • Mutation: Creates an additional head for a short period of time, allowing additional attacks/targets

Dual Strike: Powerful melee attack with huge damage, pulls target in

Acid Spew: Targeted ranged attack, splashes acid that poisons enemies over time (clouded vision etc)

Constrict: Uses one of your heads, wraps a hunter, rendering them helpless unless that head is targeted and dealt significant damage.

This monster would focus on it’s basic attack more than others (something I think would make a good addition), and be absolutely deadly at melee range, relying on its very fast sprint to get up close, and holding a target to it with dual strike and constrict. It would be slightly weak at range though.

Fast moving spider monster, can move along vertical surfaces without using climb.

  • Instead of L-trigger climb ability, the spider leaves behind webs. Webs slow enemy movement, as well as creating an area of increased movespeed for the spider (temporarily) Has a max capacity for webs, slowly regenerates or filled with eating.
  • Mobile ability will shoot a web for a certain distance, either pulling you towards the terrain, or creating a tight-rope that can be moved along very quickly.
  • Melee attacks are slow, but are moderately powerful and can inflict poison.
  • relatively small health pool, stealth monster.
  • maybe sneak attacks are much more powerful?

Wrap: Short ranged ability, blasts the target with webs, rendering them helpless (saved by cooldown or allied attacks) and also increasing damage taken from melee attack. Wrapped corpses are eaten 2x as fast.

Envenom: Melee ability, inflicts severe poison on an enemy, blurring vision and slowing while dealing damage over a small time.

Spiderlings: Creates 1-3 (depending on the ability level) mini versions of you (hunter sized or slightly bigger) These spiders will follow you and attack your targets, dealing small poison damage in addition to normal damage. They deal increased damage to webbed targets, and benefit from web movement speed bonus, relatively easy to focus down, but small and hard to target.

either Conceal or Pounce
Conceal: Covers you with webs and foliage, making you blend in with the environment, sneak attacks become twice as effective, and Daisy has a hard time finding you out. Slight damage reduction while hidden.

Pounce: Leaps at the target, pinning them (no saves) for a small duration, dealing massive damage.

Small, snake-like creature. (width of torso, like Hyde’s at Stage 1)

  • physically weak
  • mid damage melee attack, poison
  • moderate slithering speed
  • very small, leaves difficult to see tracks (daisy tracks slower?), hard to spot
  • thrives on stealth, even in the middle of combat
  • mobile ability, burrows underground a medium distance, leaving a slightly more visible track mark on the ground at each point
  • NO STEALTH MODE (always stealth mode), all attacks are pounces that do not pin the target, but are targeted like a pounce

Swallow Whole: Swallows target creature (or incapped hunter) over a short duration (2-3 seconds), instantly killing it, gains normal eating value and shields etc. (fairly lengthy cooldown) Or deals large damage to a hunter that isn’t incapped. This leaves the monster motionless and an easy target

Constrict: Suffocates target creature or hunter (requires big damage to save), quickly killing or incapping it. (usually followed up by swallow whole)

Lunge: Long distance melee attack, deals good damage, flies towards target.

Coil: Roots the monster, blending in to the environment, daisy becomes confused and runs around near the rooted spot, the next Lunge or melee attack will deal extra damage, or a swallow whole attack will finish twice as fast, sufficient damage (not alot) will disable this stance, good for ambushing hunters!

I know this may seem OP, but this monster would have a very small health pool, and would require very good stealth play to be effective.
The ability to lie in wait for the hunters and taking out a specific target almost instantly is its strength, but it also leaves it with most of its abilities on cooldown, plus It has to take a few seconds to swallow whole.
I kind of wanted a monster that could still rely on its stealth even in the middle of combat, slithering away and pouncing from the shadows.
-NOTE- I know things have been said about snakes/centipedes not being able to work, but I think on a smaller scale with only 5-6 “segments” that it could be done. You don’t need to animate legs and running or stuff like that. DISCLAIMER I am not a programmer or 3d artist! Idk what I am saying!

Ostrich-lizard thing. Imagine a velociraptor with bat wings for arms, also pufferfish quills along its back and tail. (it doesnt puff its body like a pufferfish though)

Very fast movement
Strong, fast melee beak/bite attack
Mobile ability is a sprint burst, flaps it wings and runs very fast.

Talon Strike: High damage melee skill shot

Quill Burst: Close area attack, shoot quills

Quill Shot: Small area ranged burst, short-mid range with bigger scatter at longer distance (shotgun)

Stampede: Charge forward (smaller area than goliath) dealing small damage and leaving large clouds of dust, obscuring vision.

Hit and run focus. Fast high damage skirmisher with low hp/armor

Basically a giant bat-lizard. Walks on all fours (the back legs are more developed than a bat)

  • Slightly below average ground speed
  • Mobile ability glide, flaps wings, allows fast ground cover, almost silent
  • Mid-range armor/HP (like Kraken)
  • Mid-damage claw ttack on ground
  • Shoots sonic blast in air, high knockback
  • very quiet ground movement
  • smell is now echolocation, it can be cast faster and it scans faster than smell


Rupture: Low damage, disorients targets in a wave (fuzzy vision and hearing impairment for hunters

Sonic Boom: Create explosion at target area nearly instantly, High knockback, low-mid damage

Sound Spike: Small, fast projectile, high damage, small burst

Sonic Trap: Creates a small bubble at target area, deals high damage to enemies crossing the bubble, and deals small damage inside the bubble

Confuse as many enemies as possible, then try to single off 1/2 targets with flying attacks and sonic boom, trap and finish a target with Sonic Trap.

SCORPION (working title)
A giant scorpion, basically

VERY tanky
mid-damage pincer melee attack
Very strong stealth attack (repeated stinger stabs)
below avg, speed
Mobile ability, hop. Small hops that can be used to dodge, or boost speed slightly. 5-6 charges (instead of 3)

Sting: Large damage plus poison, short range melee. Poison lasts until incap or sufficient healing (equivalent to 1/2 a hunter life total)

Harden Shell: Armors most points on the monster. Attacks on those points deal only 65-75% normal damage, leaves small areas like eyes or joints exposed for full damage. Forces hunters to target certain spots

Pincer: Pick up the target creature, rendering them helpless (unless sufficient damage is dealt to the claw holding it) Using Sting will auto-target the creature held by Pincer, and deal more damage. You can carry the target around for the duration.

Skewer: impale the target with your dealing, dealing moderate damage and flinging them away from you.


Outlast your opponents and watch them die of poison!!!

-NOTE- This guy needs some serious cosmetic work, but I like the idea of him

NIDHOGG (or Drake?)

Quadruped lizard (no wings) with stegosaurus-like scales on back. Built like a wolf

Good health/armor
Moderate-damage Melee claw/bite attacks
Mobile ability Flame Dash, very fast but leaves behind flaming footprints for a short time (still leaves normal footprints)
excels at animal killing
Spontaneous Combustion: Ignites the monster, dealing extra melee damage and burning adjacent enemies

Fireball: Rear back on hind legs, spit a large fireball that explodes on impact and leaves flaming area on terrain

Flame Burst: Close range area blast around monster

Conflagration: Roots monster, rears back, massive aim-able flamethrower with good range.


Burn Everything! Very good damage, but below avg stealth and mobility, stay as near to hunters as possible!

Let me know what you all think! =D


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