My Monster Ideas: 2 Ideas now Posted

1st Idea: Warlock

Before reading this, I highly suggest checking out this topic for comparison:


A lizard with bug legs, bug eyes, bug wings. The green area on its wings is the algae from the salveron tech. So, The monster and the algae are symbiotic. At stage three, the monster’s front legs are as long as about 1.8 Griffins tall. As the monster stages up, the wings get larger as well as the small spikes on the back.
If Warlock was standing in the stance it is in below, its head would be 13m off the ground at Stage 1, 17m off the ground at Stage 2, and 23.5m off the ground at Stage 3.
Sorry about the insect design, I’ve had this in my head since before T5 reveal.
I know, I’m not the best artist



Health Bars
Stage One: 2
Stage Two: 3
Stage Three: 4

Amount: 15 Bars at all Stages
Regeneration Speed: Gains 1.5 armor per meat(like behemoth)

Weak Spot
Its wings, green area and all. Even though the wings get bigger as it evolve, Warlock also gets taller, requiring a higher perch for the hunters to be on to hit the wings.


Full speed: Moves around with back three legs on the ground, wings up.
Sneak: All legs on the ground, wings down.
Climb: Tips of legs are sticky, so Warlock just walks up walls.
Fall state: Wings flap rapidly, allowing Warlock to float down at about the same speed as Wraith does.

Movement Speed
Same as Goliath, Kraken, Wraith(7m/sec). Sneak is same too(?m/sec).

Climb Speed
Bit faster than Goliath.

Cloak: Warlock turns completely invisible to all wildlife and hunters. It works like Behemoth’s roll(meter style). If you didn’t know, Behemoth’s roll lasts 15 seconds, and takes 30 seconds to recharge.
Melee, Leech Needle, and Vibrate stop the cloak(so start to cool down) and fully reveal Warlock. Hemorrhage and Exoskeleton do not stop the cloak from being used and do not fully reveal Warlock. However, Hemorrhage makes Warlock’s wings glow green and Exoskeleton makes them glow red. When the wings glow they can be seen through the cloak. Doesn’t leave behind footprints.


Light: Swat with front leg(arm?) thing
Stage One: 70
Stage Two: 90
Stage Three: 110

Heavy: X-scissor type cross slash with both front leg(arm?) things
Stage One: 200
Stage Two: 225
Stage Three: 250



A large sphere AoE ability like Aftershock, except damage is not done at the very end but is done throughout the entire duration. Warlock starts flapping its wings and hovers slightly above the ground, so Warlock can move in a direction very slowly. The algae on Warlock’s wings would glow a leech gun green. Any damage done by Warlock to anything else is absorbed and restores Warlock’s health. Any medic tools used inside its radius is also absorbed(heal burst, med gun, healing grenades, heal drone). Would not destroy heal drone, just absorb its healing. It would not do damage to Sentries, Shield Drone, Harpoon Traps, or Mines.
Damage: 100/sec
Duration: 3 sec
Radius: 11m
Cool Down: 30 sec
Upgrade: Damage, Radius
Mastery Bonus: +2% Duration, +5% Duration, +10% Duration


Warlock stands still and then bubbles similarly to an evolve and adds 5 or more(depending on points) armor bars to Warlock. These added armor bars would be called exoskeletons and would be colored yellow instead of blue. After the duration ends, Warlock’s remaining exoskeletons are shot off as shrapnel, damaging all targets in the AoE similar to Warp Blast. Then the CD then starts. During the duration, Warlock can move around, melee, and use other abilities.
Damage: 100/exoskeleton left
Duration: 10 sec
Cast: 1.3 sec (between the time button is pushed and armor is added)
Radius: 8m
Cool Down: 30 sec
Upgrade: Exoskeletons(+7, +10), Radius
Mastery Bonus: +2% Radius, +5% Radius, +10% Radius


Warlock plants feet into the ground and vibrates intensely and causes a minor quake that lasts 1.5 sec, doing damage to anything touching the ground in the surrounding area it also climbs surfaces. Like Fissure but 360 degrees around. Afterwards, for 7 seconds, Warlock’s movement speed is increased, but not melee speed.
Damage: 375
Duration: 1.5 sec
Cast: 1 sec (between the time button is pushed and damage is dealt)
Effect: Adds 3 m/sec to Warlock’s movement speed
Effect Duration: 7 sec
Increases with stage, not skill points
Stage One: Aftershock with one skill point
Stage Two: Aftershock with two skill points
Stage Three: Aftershock with three skill points
Cool Down: 12 sec
Upgrade: Damage, Speed Increase
Mastery Bonus: +2% Damage, +5% Damage, +10% Damage

Leech Needle

Warlock lifts up tail and points it at the target. By holding down the button, the tail is lifted. With a target selected, if the button is released, Warlock shoots out a needle with a small spore on it. It would aim exactly like tongue grab. The Spore glows leech gun green on the inside and beats like a heart. When the needle hits the target, it deals initial damage, after that, it does residual damage that is absorbed and sent back to Warlock to regen health. The only way to get rid of the Spore(and the residual damage) is to shoot it out. It’s probably like the size of a markov mine so it would take a still target or good aim.
Initial Damage: 300
Residual Damage: 20/sec
Cast: 1 sec (time it takes for needle to be ready to shoot)
Health(damage it takes to shoot off): 75
Range: 33m
Cool Down: 8 sec
Upgrade: Damage, Residual Damage
Mastery Bonus: +2% Damage, +5% Damage, +10% Damage

This would probably be the hardest monster to balance ever but I would thoroughly enjoy playing it, however stressful it might be. So what do you think?


Hello :slight_smile:

So… you are telling me that it will be fun for Hunters to fight against Monster , which can cloak for 15 secnds and also can absorb all dmg and heal permanent HP dmg from it ? ( Orbital/Mortars insta half HP heal? Parnell´s SS totaly wasted ? etc… ) , on top of that, monster is able to create 5/7/10 bars of armour every 20 seconds (15 wit cooldown perk) ? ( another DMG mitigation, when Heal ability is on CD? )… + on top of that top, another healing ability which can be fired every 8 sec ? ( also I am not sure if it works with wildlife but nvm…)

Yea well… I can see that you did lot of work with this monster concept, but it needs IMO lot of changes, because try to look at it from Hunters POV . Will it be fun ? No.
You got some interesting ideas here, but giving 1 monster 2 healing abilities and 1 ability which is able to create 5/7/10 armour bars for 10 sec … is just not good .

Monster could easily be just casting those armour bars and engage hunters. When 10 seconds ends , monster will just run away and wait for CD , or just heal HP dmg if it recieve any . If Hunters will try to engage him… wel… no… 15 second cloak and hasta la vista .

Those are my 50-48 cents.

Edit : I also forget to tell that in my opinion , no monster should be able to heal HP . On example, your monster which is able to heal HP from dmg taken could very easily lead to extremly annoying running simuator games . If monster wil recieve some higher HP dmg, it will just start running around map healing on Mammoth birds/reavers/sloths/armadons… and there is nothing Hunters can do about it . They will just run after monster, watching how it is regaining HP.

1st. It does not heal from damage taken, only damage given from Hemorrhage over the 3 seconds. During Hemorrhage, hunters can still do damage, but the damage that the ability hemorrhage does to hunters, is absorbed.
2nd. Now rethink all your other arguments because that was a big one.
3rd. Exoskeleton is supposed to have a 30 sec CD, Idk why it had 20.
4th. Cloak is not that big of a deal when the monster is revealed to do damage, and it has no burst movement and thus stealth is a replacement for speed

Ok I musunderstood the Hemorrhage mechanics and I must say it looks far better in that light .

But the main frustration/anti fun points still remains .

  1. Everytime Monster will get I dunno 1-2 HP bar DMG , it will lead to very long games cause monster will be just running to get HP back from wildlife by dmg-ing it.

  2. Cloak + Exoskeleton = another antifun combo ( Not counting the CD reduction perk which will decrease CD of Exoskelet for 22,5 sec if I am not mistaken ).

Example : Monster is in dome , got some health dmg and lets say there is no wildlife to heal on ( not very possible, but ok ) .
So every monster will just Cloak for those 15 seconds and hide somewhere in dome (monster will not be attacking ). If the Cloak runs out, Hunters have to find monster at first, which will take some more seconds .If they find him, Monster will just use Exoskelet to get extra armour for those 10 seconds. So again no extra HP dmg for Hunters. During those 10 seconds, monster can freely run away to opposite side of dome . When extra armour will wear off, Monster will have already some of the traversal stamina recharged , so it can cloak at least for 5 seconds to get away from hunters and to evade dmg .
In that scenarios , most of the domes will be over and monster will just run away.

Sorry but this doesen´t sound like fun Monster to play against from Hunters POV

The monster doesn’t have to leave combat to regain health, the hunters are a fine source. If someone can currently hit 2 or more hunters with each aftershock, I think that they would be really good at using hemorrhage to do the same.
If 2 hunters are in the AoE for the full 3 sec, that is a total of 1014 health recovered. Which is about 2/3 of a bar. Coupled with Leech Needle and I think the hunters are enough food to prolong Warlock’s short life just enough to snag him that win.
Re: 2.
Hmm, that doesv sound like a pre-nerf wraith dome doesn’t it? But, exoskeleton’s shrapnel explosion would reveal Warlocks location if it wast the red wings. Remember, the cloak would need to be more than 30% before being used again(i think thats how long bobs CD is). So it takes 10 seconds. 10 seconds is quite sometime to find Warlock. Overall it would be tedious but I think it could work.

The whole concept of Warlock was to make him a repairable glass cannon. So even though he has very little health, he can restore it slowly to prolong his life.
In my mind, most battles would be fought with Warlock starting at full health. Really it would all come down to a Stage 3 fight a lot. So yes the Gane would be long almost all the time, but idk who would win.
I think cabot would be a heavy counter to warlock. Burst damage is the way to kill it because even though it can restore health, it can only do so slowly unless in combat, and even then it’s still pretty slow.
Out of combat, Hemorrhage is pretty bad. Idk about you guys, but late game there is not much wildlife left if the assault has been killing it while the team passes it. Even in early game you would find much. Even if wildlife is grouped up, Hemorrhage only saps the health available, so 3 reavers aren’t doing much, and then it’s another 30 sec. Warlock’s best bet is using Hemorrhage in combat and leech needle on wildlife, slowly gaining health as warlock travels.
I don’t think Warlock would be able to heal much out of combat. And would rely on the hunters more than anything.
All of this would make Warlock either a dash to Stage 3 type monster, or, using its armor, a hit-and-run. Though it wouldn’t be good at running, only deceiving.

Maybe a more balanced approach would be similar to temporary hp, ala Roll20 D&D/Pathfinder rules. Where you get extra hp for a time, but at the end the extra hp vanishes, leaving the monster with the same hp amount it had prior to using the attack?

Isn’t that exactly what exoskeleton does except with armor?

2nd Idea: Data


A quadruped robot looking thing. The body is a cylinder with the legs connecting at the bottom. Color: Bucket Yellow. Head at the top. Has a rocket on the bottom of the center body. If standing in the stance below, the top of the head would be 9.5 ft off the ground at stage 1, 14.5 ft off the ground at stage 2, and 18.5 ft off the ground at stage 3. So probably the shortest monster but takes up a lot off space due to the legs that stick out quite a distance.
So I know what you’re thinking, “It can’t be man-made that is non-cannon and robots wouldn’t make sense!” and stuff like that. Well, it is not a robot. In the main body, there is a giant monstrous amoeba type monster, so at low health, bullets would be shown piercing the hull and have blood and goo dripping out. Learning from, bucket and lennox, the monsters learned to use metals to their advantage.



Health Bars
Stage One: 5
Stage Two: 7
Stage Three: 9

Amount: 14 Bars at all Stages
Regeneration Speed: Gains .5 armor per meat(because it required more to make metallic armor, duh :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)



Full Speed: Moves around all legs moving, head turns with camera, body never needs to turn as any direction is forward.
Sneak: Just slower, still uses all legs
Climb: Can’t
Fall State: Legs pull in towards body but push downwards to brace for impact

Movement Speed
8m/sec (Goli, Karken, and Wraith are 7m/s)
Sneak Speed: 5m/sec, but because Data is mechanical, it still makes some noise(not enough for sound spikes, just to hear from a good distance.

Rocket: The rocket on the bottom of Data ignite and Data is thrusted upwards. While in the air, Data can move forward at a max of 3m/sec if a direction is held. Lasts 15 sec and takes 30 sec to recharge(like behomoths roll, it’s a meter).


Light: Swipe with one of its legs, razors slightly grazing target
Stage One: 70
Stage Two: 90
Stage Three: 110

Heavy: Both front legs lift and then smash in front of Data with their ends.
Stage One: 200
Stage Two: 225
Stage Three: 250

Air/Fallstate Melee: Data makes one revolution with all legs lifted, hitting a target 4 times, razors are not revealed
Stage One: 50/hit
Stage Two: 60/hit
Stage Three 70/hit


Laser Beam

Data fires a laser beam from its eye(its actually not an eye, its a laser beam and stun missile shooter). While data fires, it is unable to move, effectually turning data into a stationary turret. The laser beam only lasts as long as the button is held, and will start CD after the button is released.
Damage: 350/sec
Damage does drop of starting at 5m away losing 6 damage per meter(so at 30m away, it would be 200/sec)
Duration: Up to 4 sec
Radius(the radius of the beam, which is technically a thin cylinder): .7m
Range: Infinite
Cool Down: Refills from nothing in 8 seconds
Upgrade: Damage, Radius(bigger radius=easier to aim)
Mastery Bonus: +2% Damage, +5% Damage, +10% Damage

Razor Spin

Data lowers itself onto its rocket, lifts its limbs, reveals its razors, and spins(yes like a top) rapidly at 1 rps, sawing everything in radius. Data can move while doing this, but slower as it is spinning on its rocket.
Damage: 320/sec
Duration: 2.1 sec
Increases with Stage, not skill points
Stage One: 4.5m (from the center of Data)
Stage Two: 6.25m (from the center of Data)
Stage Three: 8m (from the center of Data)
Movement Speed: 4m/sec
Cool Down: 12 sec
Upgrade: Damage, Duration
Mastery Bonus: +2% Damage, +5% Damage, +10% Damage

Stun Missile

Data sends out small rocket guided stun grenade. It targets using the reticle, hold down LB to target and release once target it correctly selected(similar to slim’s drone). So, button press, targeting system is enabled, button release, target is selected and rocket shot out of “eye”. Then, for .7 sec, the missile floats there, after .7 sec it fires at the previously targeted area rapidly. If the stun missile hits directly, it stuns and slows the target by 50%.
Damage: 185
Splash Damage: 100 (splash damage upgrades with damage)
Arm Time: .7 sec (time between button release and rocket fire.
Duration(duration of speed effect on target): 3 sec
Splash Radius: 2m
Range(max distance it will target): 33m
Cool Down: 7 sec
Upgrade: Damage, Duration(speed effect)
Mastery Bonus: +2% Range, +5% Range, +10% Range

Shock Mine

Data drops its rocket down and plants it into the ground. The mine then beeps until it blows up, shocking the sphere AoE(like aftershock) and damaging it greatly. Data doesn’t loose it’s ability to use rocket(traversal) after this, because the spot is quickly replaced by another rocket, however, the ability cannot be used for the rest of the CD. The mine can be destroyed before it blows up, if enough damage is put into it(the health value).
Damage: 550
Arm(time it beeps before blowing up): 6.5 sec
Health: 1,200
Radius: 12m
Cool Down: 20 sec
Upgrade: Damage, Radius
Mastery: 2% Damage, 5% Damage, 10% Damage

So Data is meant to be kind of like a mix between Goliath and Kraken. 2 ranged abilities, 1 AoE, and 1 melee. Data would probably rely equally on melee and abilities for damage. All of its abilities are fairly high damage bar stun missile(but its made up in shock mine). But, with the extra movement speed, Data would have a good time getting in there and brawling. So, with great damage comes great health pools. Just kidding, Data has less health than both kraken and goliath. Although, he does have high armor, but this is by no means compensation, because it takes longer for Data to get armor.

I feel like this is the most balanced monster I’ve made yet, but that’s not saying much. I would really want to play Data because Shock Mine would feel really satisfactory to land. Combo-ing laser + stun missile + mine would be amazing.
What do you guys think?

I really like the idea of a Monster with the ability to regen health.

Same, I’ve always wanted something that could do that, but it would be extremely hard to balance.

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