My Monster Idea Name:Shade


This Is My Entire Monster Idea i sketched it in a book but couldnt get pictures i designed a monster thats an assasin but most will be dying already because i know wraith is already invented this is a whole different beast so read closely :smiley: the monster has a design that consists of 2 long clawed hands that have piercing claws that are its main attack (the monster drink logo inspired me) it would have a portal move where it placed a portal a one way one use portal the portal has a range limit to where both sides go and it would act as if a hunter stepped on it and the monster was sitting on the portal on the other side it would pull the hunter in and then you can go ham with these 3 abilities the second ability would be that shade does 3 swift slashes and if all 3 hit the hunter it would take a bite and take a set amount of hp from that hunter the third ability is where shade would camouflage into the element he is leaning against (has to be a wall or can be ground can go into water but has a set amount of time) if shade moves the camo if dropped and goes on cd so she cant go invis and stay for a bit then use it again then the last ability Shade lets out a terrifying shriek and that all the hunters are given a icon to where shade is but shades eyes light up with the nine circles of hell and he grows into an almost inrecognisable abomination he grows a second pair of arms increased smell range his hp drops at a slow rate and his armour decays also but the thing about this is he gets a dps boost speed boost movement speed boost and overall in his 4th ability form he looks straightup badass and meant to strike fear and for his 3 evolution states his first evolution state hes a 2 eyed long clawed twisted looking monster and second form his claws grow he grows spikes on his back and for third evolution state he has even longer claws (longer claws=longer attack range) and he gets a neon glow to his eyes then that neon is ignited by his 4th ability so thank you for reading my monster idea Shade and good luck in future creations turtle rock :smiley:


I love the idea of that, and have to admit would hate to be the hunter on the other side of it’s attacks…however since you are giving this monster an ability that depletes it’s health (Which we all know is incredibly crucial in the game of evolve as there is only 1 method of regaining the precious resource) you’d have to find some way to make it so much less of a glass cannon that it doesn’t accidentally kill itself while in the move or just make the hunter’s job that much easier, because as we know there are a lot of ways to slow a monster down in evolve, be it tranq darts or stasis nades an activation of that ability could end up being suicidal that being said you could very easily ditch the assassin route and turn him into some kind of badass spike sniper (which could still be considered assassin) monster that has a neon like toxic and just ditch the self infliction and even turn those portals into an effective way of increasing your sniping capabilities. But as I said I love the idea of this monster but would hate to see it die to it’s own abilities and it’s design shouted sniper to me so ye.


My cats name is Shade, true story.

Was hard for me to differentiate while reading.


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