My message to Turtle Rock Studios


My adventure with Evolve started with the very first trailer. I remember exactly what I felt when I saw it for the first time. My young little heart wasn’t yet burning with the love for Evolve I have today, but the trailer did put fuel in it and each new piece of information I could find about 4v1 was a spark that kept igniting it.

Fast forward to the time of the Big Alpha. I sent dozens of codes to get the access, thinking that maybe one of them would get chosen in a lottery of some sort. Boy, was I wrong - it seemed that every single one of them was chosen and got me several alpha keys in return! I did my best to spread the news, codes and love for Evolve as I was preparing to kick some hunter butt. I was hyped like a little child! When the Big Alpha came, I fell into absolute and unending love for the game - I loved the atmosphere, the litte details, the humour in some of the loading screen tips and the character chatter. But the thing I loved the most was the kind of rush (spike? adrenaline high? English is not my primary language) I got in every match due to knowledge about 4 people being out there to get me, and later due to the fights themselves.

I kept spreading the word and I think I have some recordings of my Alpha plays to this day on my hard drive.

The following part is going to be a bit more compressed to keep the post from being too boring :smiley:

The game launched and I loved every second of playing it. As far as I was concerned the game itself was flawless. Sure, I did feel like I couldn’t do much as a hunter, but I was fully aware that playing on the hunters’ side required some level of competence and cooperation I couldn’t possibly have had right after the game launched. Sadly, among my friends I was the only person to have this game, as most were discouraged by the price. Oh well…

As the time went on, I recognized more and more problems, flaws and other negative things within the game, but what kept (and still keeps) my faith in you, devs, is that you always communicated with the community and always tried to solve problems and this is what I want to communicate to you:

I absolutely love your dedication to Evolve as a game and as a community. Each monster and each hunter tier had me awed with your creativity, your ability and will to solve problems leave me speechless, especially after you dropping info on the TU09. Heck, I could take any single idea from that patch (like Mobile Arena’s duration inversely scaling with damage dealt inside it, or the rework to class abilities) and just go on and on about it’s awesomeness and here you are throwing those one after the other at us, making it look so easy!
I also love how communicative you are and how we can just talk to you like normal human beings and even share some damn fine memes!

I believe that if game developers were even half at least as dedicated as you are, the gaming world would be a much, much better place! I hold you in regard as high as CDProjekt Red and that is the biggest I am able to give to game developers!

I hope you stay awesome and that Stage 2 of Evolve will be as thriving and well received as it (and you!) deserve to be!


Very nicely said, I hope I’m not hijacking your post but I would like to say… To the Dev’s, and grizzlemarine, and skillz, and anyone else who helped TRS with the game in any way/shape/form, you’re all awesome, and thank you very much for creating such an awesome game. and for me personally, for keeping my mental demons at bay. You all are truly amazing<3


I don’t mind at all, we need to spread the love!