My Markov losses/deaths/WLR/time played reset but Wins did not?


Hello everyone, first post on the forums. As the title says, my losses, deaths, win loss rate, distance travelled, and time played as Markov completely reset but curiously the wins stayed the same. I have not padded wins AT ALL. Im not in the top 15 or anything with Markov but I am at around 26 I think, which is high enough now for someone to see this and accuse me of being a padder which is what it looks like now. Aside from the occasional custom(3 or 4?) games with friends testing stuff out, I got all my wins(and losses) in normal games and never padded any wins. I’d hate for something to happen where the devs go through hitting obvious padders or something and I got totally reset for something I had no control over. :\

Apparently new members cant post pictures, but In the screenshot I took as soon as I noticed this, I’m at 73 wins with 1 hour played. That’s not even possible to do. It also says I only have 1 death, but I have a good amount of replays on the evolve app where I clearly have died more than that. Anyways Im just posting this here for the Devs for help and to see if this happened to anyone else. I just noticed this earlier this afternoon and wanted to get a post up as soon as possible for help. Thanks in advance everyone!

Edit: I forgot to mention that this was on PC

Edit: Can now post pics so heres the screenshot:


Tell the people who accuse you of such “Get a life…” and move on. Seriously, what kind of people check and complain about obviously flawed score boards.


Yeah you’re absolutely right, and I’ll do that. I mostly just wanted to get some help from the Devs if possible, and just make sure im not hit by some wipe because of this. I mean I doubt that’d happen but I would hate to lose all my progress or something because of a glitch. Also would be cool if my old stats that were lost could get fixed but I’m sure that isn’t possible based on some other posts with somewhat similar issues, lol.


Be glad you just lost leaderboard stuff, there is much more you could have lost and besides I bet leaderboards will get reset eventually, with some upcoming patch, which will take care of aformentioned “padders”.


I mean I wasn’t trying to complain that I lost the leaderboard stats. This thread is only here because I’m trying NOT to lose more. As I said I mostly was just looking for some help from a Dev or something because my current Markov stats appear padded due to the glitch. The line about my old stats being restored was mostly a joke as I know its not possible and it’s not a big deal.


The point is, this is the forums for posting bugs and he found one. Now that he has explained the bug the devs can fix it.


Yep exactly, thank you.