My lvl was reset


I was lvl 8 playing a game by myself when I quit halfway to join a friend. When I got into the lobby I was back to lvl 1 and lost my all progress.


Same here. Level reset after loading a single player game. Went from 16 to 1


Were you on Xbox? If so, I suggest posting here instead:

Very sorry for your inconvenience. Devs are working on it. Hey- t least you weren’t level 38 with elite skins on all the Monsters or something, right?


I’m back to lvl 1 for the 2ed time tonight. This time I got to lvl 4.


I know how you feel buddy, happened to me too. :sweat_smile:


I was actually about to post here, saying to go to the other topic, then I saw that I’d already done that. :confused:

I spend too much time here.


Ok so I’m thinking “I’m a good sport, this is a fun game, I will just keep playing.” But the game thought I deserved to be lower. Like like having -6277 out of 6000 damage with the laser cutter, -7312 matters ran, -8 wildlife kills. Not only am I healing the poor man eating animals but I’m doing it while running backwards!