My longest game with Wraith after patch 5.0 (28:38)

The most famous map and my unstoppable wraith
This match = profit 15 points :blush: slowly but surely I’m going up

i’m loving wraith since the patch however unfortunately hunters seem to think i am going to use her the way she used to be used(flee till 3) so they wait at the relay for me and play try hard :frowning:

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Well wraiths cower before Markov so It makes sense for a flee till 3 tactic…not that it helps a whole lot but eh.

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You’re gonna make me do this.
Did someone say



Markov is invincible.

For brief periods of time.


2 points in decoy.
Jesus Christ how horrifying.
I feel bad for the hunters, spamming decoy for 28 minutes is nothing to be proud of.

It’s people like you that give Wraith players a bad name.


I played against one of those yesterday. :sob:
On the other hand I did get 10k damage on


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Mines are real.

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While I find decoy spammers annoying, I really think its absurd when hunters tell monster players what skills they shouldn’t take. Do you think spamming shield as hank for an entire match is something to be proud of, shields are annoying too. How would you like it if you know, monster players came in and said well slim shouldn’t use his spore cloud, its nothing to be proud of. Yea, not using part of your kit makes ZERO sense doesn’t it. Its part of the kit for a reason.


Funnily enouuuugh they were the ones doing the most damage output. Had 7k on the LG and wasnt really using AR.

Hahahahaha…zis will surprise.

This is where you killed the joke Madame Wraith :unamused:

I have not using decoy? :smirk: wake up :wink:

No it isn’t, I MADE THIS A THING!

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Your excuses all bounces of me. Wanna know why Madame Wraith?! O.O

We’re derailing, btw.

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(And with this last reply… Kai ends the horrifiying derailment caused by Madame Wraith)
-The Jackal voice for extra drama

Well too bad, I ain’t gonna tell ya! >.<

To be honest, Wraith tends to make matches drag for a long time O.O
Sadly… ends with my demise ;-;

Oh boy, you again.
I’m a Wraith player. He’s playing the character wrong.
A point in any other skill at any stage of the game is a better investment than Decoy. It is a nothing skill. It’s bad for repositioning. At best it’s a good tool for throwing the hunters off for a few seconds while they’re chasing you. It doesn’t next to nothing to actually help you in a fight.
Wraith is more than capable of fighting at all stages of the game now, and with Decoy in it’s current state there is literally no reason to take it, unless you intend on using it the way this guy does, to buy time to flee til 3. This guy is using it as a crutch, because he is bad at playing Wraith. He doesn’t even take abduction until stage 3. What the fuck is that? Who does that? Warp blast and abduction are Wraith’s bread and butter. A Wraith without abduct is just… I… I don’t even.

Did we watch the same video? Because yes you did, you really did. No offence, but you’re bad and you’re playing Wraith wrong. You didn’t even pick up abduction until stage 3. You spent the whole game running and used decoy spam to stop the clock ticking. You won by the skin of your teeth, with the tiniest amount of health remaining and best of all you did it by cheesing the relay.
You didn’t deserve that win.
This play style is not only inefficient, but it is also really not fun for the hunters to play against.
Again, it’s Wraith players like you that give Wraith a bad name. No offence, I’m just being honest.