My little niggles: Menus/UI


After playing for a couple of days, there’s two little quality of life improvements I would really, really like to see implemented in the future. None of this is a huge deal, anyone who wants to tell me there’s more important issues: stop typing right there. I know. Thanks.

  1. Tidy up the store menu in the game. First of all, on a PC there’s no reason whatsoever why everything can’t be on the screen at once. We’re right in front of our screen, we don’t need to have icons that big. Also, if we really HAVE to scroll through everything three by three, please do it in some sort of order - by class, by price, but alphabetically would be best.
  2. Let us unlock perks in the store as well, or somewhere that isn’t before the game starts. New players need time to read what the perks do before deciding what to unlock with their limited amount of keys. I don’t want to do that on a timer, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone with that.

That’s it, really. Everything else I’d like to see in the future has been suggested before and is probably being worked on anyway. If this came up somewhere else, I didn’t see it, sorry. Fun game overall, I hope it’ll do well with the new business model.

PS: Speaking of business model, one last thing. Very noble not to accept any money right now, but I was actually kind of upset when I found out that there was no way to buy keys at the moment. I’d like to speed up the process somewhat.


I like your suggestions, and agree with the store needing some extra love :slight_smile:

I believe the Devs are already working on a lot of this