My level and tiers got reset to 1


So can we please get turtle rock to fix my stats? I have just been reset to level 1 after being level 17. I’m ranked 3rd in the world with Griffen and have 33 wins. Xbox one gamer tag: Wooizeman


Likely story.

Dunno what this has to do with gameplay.


Was suppose to put this in bugs. My bad!


Don’t worry, switched it over! :smile:


Same thing happened to my friend on Xbox ONE just now he was level 16 and is now level 1 with a his higher level emblem. Gamertag: runner4lifeBL


Okay guys you just need to wait for a fix.Its been happening a lot lately ESPECIALLY on Xbox.Something interferes with the xbox save files.


We are looking into this, but to better help us figure it out, please submit a ticket to 2K support! This helps us gather data