My least favorite hunters and why?


Maggie,because daisy is crazy retarded. Val because here abilities aren’t that useful now,she can only heal one person at a time,her rifle is terrible,and tranqs should be a trapper thing.


I agree that Val is pretty bad but her medgun can help heal from a distance but that really all she’s got


Nah, Val is amazing in the right hands IMO…



cause you can be dumb as nails and spam all day mortars and be elite champ in game EZ LIFE…
nothing more to say


Slim. I loved seeing a basilisk soldier. Yet he’s been nerfed to beyond unplayable at this point.

Val who according to run rules should have a high heal over time can’t out heal a single target faster than an aoe healer.

Sunny. Who has so much oppressive utility that not playing her as support is hampering the team.


Val she can’t compete…my buddy who plays laz keeps us healed better than most random vals


The ones that are still alive.


I fucking agree with you, besides the lightning gun which is amazing.


Markov is sub-par, he’s not worth it. I’ve said this before he was even nerfed.


I mean, I like the lightening part but the way it targets just feels really crappy.

eh. I don’t know that his damage output is bad, exactly, but he is the lowest of the assaults.


I love being Markov against Kraken. That assault rifle does good damage if your aim in good, and I love the Lightning gun, can’t miss!!! He shoots 3 banshee mines at you and your team, chain hit all 3 with ease.

“Markov is also stage 3!!! Markov is always stage 3!!! Rrraaaarrrgh!!!”


you made me laugh


Bucket: Feels like i’m playing a 3v1 instead of a 4v1 when he’s on my team. Too often bucket can’t find the monster, is too far away, doesn’t cloak in fights, and misses rockets.

His turrets can be ok in the right hands, but how often do you run across a great bucket. Even good bucket players slow the team down. Maggie and Crow can find the monster pretty easily while Griffin and Abe can keep the monster tracked the whole game. Bucket’s UAV seems incredibly pointless with a good trapper and it just leaves Bucket 200m away from the rest of the team.

Bad monsters can win against good players so long as the support is Bucket. It’s one of those things that make me hate pubs sometimes.


if ur on xbox ill play with u ill change ur mind about bucket


Lazarus, because every time I see him in pugs, he’s being played by a potato.


lmao i never trust pub medics, i was the trapper today played with a val that wouldnt heal me, I danced in front of her even she just shot at me and ran away.


I’m 100% sure bucket can be good, just like any other hunter, but why pick him over any other the other three?

Hank has a very good kit and shields the best

Sunny’s kit is straight utility and she can rack up damage

Cabot can help melt a monsters health super fast. You can potentially do 5x damage with Cabat on your team

So why exactly pick bucket over the others? My constant pub losses to bad monsters because of Bucket maybe have made me bias towards him but I don’t think there is any disparity about him being the Worst Support.


Slim. Spore grenades are incredibly frustrating.

Otherwise Sunny just because of that jetpack booster.


Potato?? Just look me vs Goliath and you will see!!!

I play like a fish! Potato is too generous!


But in response to the thread himseft…

Val: …

Torvald (Only if the support play Cabot and the monster is Kraken, The amp become useless making Cabot useless.)

Bucket (If played by someone who suck with him, someone who suck as Hank can still help but as Bucket…) But i still like him if played by someone who know how.

Maggie: Hate to play with her or against her.

Markov: Markov is only good against Behemoth, he is not bad but… all the other assaults seems to outclass him and he rely on chance/how the monster play.

Cabot: Sometimes people use their amp in the worst times (one time someone used it when he was alone and had his cloak on…) But i still like him if played correctly.


lol i see people do so many dumb things, I wonder whats going through their minds. Like taking on the monster head on by yourself. That guy should return his game