My leaderboard stats reset


I was placed 150 on the monster leader board with over 30 victories. A fact I am very proud of. I got on and played a few rounds today and now it says I am ranked 1000 something and have only played 4 games. Does it affect gameplay? Absolutely not, but I am furious about it nonetheless.


I am experiencing a similar problem. I had 37 wins with Hank. Then the number dropped to 10. Now it has currently dropped to only 6 wins and my rank has plummeted. This is far more frustrating than the progress wipe (which I have also experienced). I enjoy playing Hank so it didn’t bother me that I lost the characters I had unlocked, but I would like my wins to start counting (or at the very least stop decreasing).


Yes, I am currently experiencing this problem as well. I was playing with my friends and not able to connect so I reloaded my game to play with them and it gave me an option to adjust my screen brightness. I was a tad bit confused, but I didn’t stop so I went with it and after I played the tutorial I got on and I was lv 1! I was a lv 27, and had elite skin for Griffen. The only help I can give you is to go to and fill out a survey. They are aware of this so it’s not just us, but I hope they fix this for the both of us and for everyone else that is experiencing this.


That’s odd, my stats were completely reset, they are not decreasing. But I’m sure it’s not our faults as in it to being our internet, console ext… This problem needs to be fixed quick.


Yeah that is frustrating and 2k can restore your characters BUT the my number of wins keep going down even after I win a game. Also the amount of time I have played hasn’t changed from 2 hours according to the leaderboard (rankings) and I have played much more than that. This is true for my global ranking as well as character specific ranking. Again I’m concerned about the rank and not my level.


Yes, I am too as well. I might not play until this is fixed because why play and get that high up in the leaderboards just to get reset or as for you lower in the leaderboards. But I was informed that a patch will come this week so let’s hope this will fix our problem.


Sending in a ticket really doesn’t do anything if you’ve lost progression/leaderboard ranking does it? All they’re offering is unlock of all the hunters and monsters, which i already have…


That’s what I was thinking.


I kept my leaderboard stats but my lv and all of my other things were reset.


This happened to me too. I had something in the range of 30+ wins with Goliath and it randomly knocked down to 2, and the hunters all got thrown back too. I didn’t lose levels/unlocks/characters so I don’t mind it that much, but I’m not sure what happened there.


I feel bad for the people for whom it happened to that were top 15 that put their twitch stream title as (For example) #1 kraken global, and they can’t even put that anymore for an eye catcher


Lost my leader board rank and have picture proof of climbing to number 2 then just getting send down to 1 win… I worked so hard lol