My leader board wins are gone?!?

at some point last night i was playing games and i checked the leader boards to see that my cabot and sunny wins had been reset! i not sure what happened to cause it but my hours, distance, and deaths are all the same. its just my wins that are gone. the last point i can remember was that i had 370+ wins (ranking me 1# after all the hackers) with cabot and i have no idea how many i had with sunny but i was 4th with sunny as well. maybe this will help you find out the problem. i also was changing my name a few times but that’s never made a difference before…

hope this can be fixed! :droplet: :cabot: :droplet:
P.S: love the dedication shown toward the game by TRS! love being apart of the games community and helping to improve it! keep up the awesome job! :smiley:

UPDATE!: was playing around with changing my name to see if that was the problem and also just messing with game to see i could find any answers and i found out that the are actually still there! they are just hidden! if you sort by time then it shows a false time you your other stats are fin and if you go to distance its the same thing. distance will be wrong but everything else is fine
TLDR : Pictures.

sorted by wins-

sorted by time-

sorted by distance- (i have no idea where it got the 6926m)


Not had it happen to me.
But leaderboards don’t really matter. ^.^

Insert white knight comment on how leaderboards don’t matter here.


Yeah leaderboards don’t matter, Just like playing this game does not matter, enjoying pizza does not matter, watching gotham does not matter… If my point is not clear it’s that people should understand that different people enjoy different aspects of the game. It’s fine that people don’t care about them but players need to understand a lot of people enjoy the leaderboards as part of the fun. it adds a bit of enjoying to games with repetitive play.


Leaderboards matter to me


please don’t post if your not going to be helpful. this has not happened to a lot of people. you saying that does not help and your OPINION on the leader bored is also not helpful and only going to make people mad…


Leaderboards were hacked, and exploited. You realize that, right? They aren’t tracking most actual gamers, and most players that got to the top; didn’t do it honestly. ^.-

As I said, leaderboards don’t mean much.

i said in my post after hackers… hackers had 1 million wins…

Yeah, and the guys who exploited; are still there. ^.-

Honestly just forget about the leaderboards I have been reset over ten times on there I don’t check anymore, I got to number 2 on medic, it’s not worth the stress of being reset !

The leaderboards track everybody actually. You’re on there somewhere for every character you’ve ever played. Just because x number of players got there through illegitimate means doesn’t mean that the rest of the placeholders are useless.

Just because they mean nothing to you doesn’t mean they don’t hold some sort of significance for others.

So what your saying is, stop enjoying the part of the game you enjoy?

Weekly leaderboards work great, i’m 19th in monster this week and i got there legally so maybe your having a problem and again maybe players like you don’t care about the leaderboards but plenty of players still do. My question is why does it matter to you what part of the game we want to enjoy?

Also to Op can it be reported? i mean the leaderboard problem.

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Yeah… I know I’m on the leaderboards, lol…
I play Custom games, because Leaderboards are so terrible right now. When ranked comes out, I will bother with it.

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You said they aren’t tracking most actual gamers but they are. Maybe not accurately due to all the exploits but nonetheless we’re all there, platform pending of course. I ride the Xbox one train so the 1 mill ones isn’t something I have to contend with.

I do know you take pride in the number of hours you’ve put into this game as you enjoy proclaiming how many you’ve rung up. Which is great but how would you feel if however many individuals rained on your parade to say oh by the way that doesn’t matter.

Not trying to pick a fight. I know you’re a logical individual but if it matters to him what good is it to say don’t worry about it because in actuality they don’t.

They aren’t tracking most actual gamers at the top. They’re tracking the gamers that exploited the leaderboards, while your w/l ratio, and death; was not effected by leaving the match. So when they lost the game, they would leave. That ended up giving them perfect ratios.

I take pride in my hours? My hours don’t matter… I can tell you that now. ^.-

Same thing happened to me not too long ago
What happened to leaderboards?

Sadly there is nothing you can do about it. (As far as I know)

Note on my leaderboards: For whatever reason my Markov stats got thrown out of orbit and I’m ranked 300 or so AFTER the reset and I have NOT played much Markov since the DLC came out.

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Psst…He really isn’t. :wink:


It’s been a problem since release

This is really sad to see I enjoyed the time I had on the leader boards. I really hope this will be fixed.

Your progress is finito, you played for nothing.